Dudhwa National Park
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Things To Do In Dudhwa National Park

Planning A Trip To Dudhwa National Park? Here's our list of top things to do in Dudhwa National Park

If you want to have a communion with nature, Dudhwa National Park is a wonderful destination to do so. Located in right at the Indo-Nepal Border, this national park has an extensive variety of flora and is the home to many different species of animals, some which are on the verge of extinction are also protected. The Dudhwa National Park has the finest sal forests that open up into wet marshlands and beautiful lush green meadows. Reunite with nature while indulging in various activities inside the national park; you can go on a jungle camp and watch the sky being lit up with stars or you can go on different safaris to explore the dense forests and the observe the variety of creatures living within. Below is a list of the things to do in Dudhwa National Park for you to go through and plan your trip better.

Stay in the Arms of Nature

Stay in the Arms of Nature:  Things To Do In Dudhwa National Park
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Situated within the borders of Dudhwa National Park is the Dudhwa Jungle Lore Resort. This resort stands amidst thick forests, green meadows, calm flowing rivers and is an adobe in the arms of nature. Book a stay at this resort to enjoy the perfect getaway from the typical city life. You can also book a room at Jaagir Lodge Dudhwa, a British colonial style lodge that is famous for its luxury accommodation inside Dudhwa National Park. Their lodges are set up in the middle of a farmland that have Jamun and litchi trees all over and surrounded by sugarcane. The Jaagir Lodge has a variety of cuisines that is served to its guests and also has a lounge where you can talk to other guests and your experiences in the jungle. These are two great places to stay in when you are on your trip to Dudhwa National Park.

Go on a Jungle Safari

Go on a Jungle Safari:  Things To Do In Dudhwa National Park
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Once in Dudhwa National Park, a jungle safari is an absolute mandate. The fun of being driven in an open jeep, on rough terrain and the excitement of spotting a different creature every time is something that everyone going to the national park must experience. While on the safari, you will be able to spot the Barasinga in quite a few places, but spotting the Bengal tiger is a bit difficult as they aren’t seen too easily. Seeing these creatures in their natural surroundings is a different thrill and is much different from seeing the same animals in a zoo. You can spot mugger crocodiles and a variety of birds near the marshy wetlands as well.

Ride an Elephant

Ride an Elephant:  Things To Do In Dudhwa National Park
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If you’ve already spent a day touring most of the jungle in a jeep, try scouting around the rest of the location on an elephant. Elephant rides are a good way to see the national park and enjoy its beauty in a different way. Once you are sitting on the elephant’s back, you are at a height where you are able to get a wider view of the jungle, which is quite enjoyable. Elephant riding is mostly done by children, but a lot of adults also indulge in this activity to have a good time.

Interact with the Local Tribes

Interact with the Local Tribes:  Things To Do In Dudhwa National Park
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Have you ever wondered what kind of people live around the Dudhwa National Park and what kind of cultures thrive around here? Well, there are over 40 villages in and around the Dudhwa National Park and these tribes are known as Tharus; According to what the locals have to say, these tribes have migrated to this region from Rajasthan after it was invaded by the Mughals. These tribal people now live peacefully in this area and work in sugar cane farms, build eco friendly homes, craft jewelry and make baskets out of grass. A local guide can take you to the settlements where you can see how the Tharus thrive within that region.

Go for a Boat Safari in Kataraniaghat

Go for a Boat Safari in Kataraniaghat:  Things To Do In Dudhwa National Park
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You’ve already done the jeep safari and the elephant safari, now what’s next? Explore the water body of the national park by going on a boat safari. Take a ride to this part of the reserve where lies Karnali, a tributary of Nepal’s longest river and witness a variety of migratory birds coming there to breed every season. This place is also a habitat of Gharials and you can find them very often when you take this boat safari. If you are present there at the right time and the right season, you may be able to spot the Gangetic Dolphin jumping around in the water. Spotting these rare creatures is absolutely exciting and one must indulge in it for a thrilling time.

Visit Sathiyana

Visit Sathiyana:  Things To Do In Dudhwa National Park
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Sathiyana is a forest range within the Dudhwa National Park that has beautiful dense sal trees and a lot of termite mounds. Once you are done exploring the park itself, you can head over to Sathiyana to experience the life of the tribal people living in that area. Sathiyana is full of endless sugarcane and mustard fields that you can actually drive through, or you can see this landscape on one of the farmer’s tractor. There is a small water body in Sathiyana and if you climb over to view the area, you see mugger crocodiles and playful otters as well; you can also get to spot the Bengal Florican over here.

Spot a Tiger at Kishanpur Wildlife Reserve

Spot a Tiger at Kishanpur Wildlife Reserve:  Things To Do In Dudhwa National Park
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If you are wishing to spot a tiger at the Kishanpur Wildlife Reserve, then you have a good chance of seeing one at this reserve. The landscape of Kishanpur Wildlife Reserve consists of dense sal trees along with rich green meadows and water bodies that together support the ecosystem of the region. Hire a jeep from the national park and drive through the fields of sugarcane and mustard too; and if you are lucky, you will be able to spot a Bengal tiger running around the fields or simply glaring at you amidst the tall mustard plants. It is important to understand that these animals are in their natural habitat and it is required for us to stay calm in order to make them feel comfortable.

Go Camping in the Jungle

Go Camping in the Jungle:  Things To Do In Dudhwa National Park
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Imagine setting up tent amidst the forest in the Dudhwa National Park and spending a night coexisting in nature just like other animals. If that sounds like something fun, then you must engage in camping in the jungle. These camping trips are usually arranged by the authorities in the national reserve and are quite organized. Most of these tents are set up right next to the resorts and lodges. Spending a night below the starry night sky and enjoying a dinner that has been barbecued right in front of you is a completely different experience; let’s not forget, the thrill of living in nature freely, just like the animals living there can be quite exciting.

Enjoy Bird Watching

Enjoy Bird Watching:  Things To Do In Dudhwa National Park
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In Dudhwa National Park there are specific tours given to the tourists to enjoy bird watching. The national park is a great place for bird watchers to observe and witness a variety of birds that are rare. Don’t forget to carry your binoculars, so that you can see these birds from a closer distance to observe their physiological characters and lots more. Inside the Dudhwa National Park, you can find a 9 species of birds that are rare and are endangered, to name a few Laggar Falcon, Shaheen Falcon, Osprey, Red Headed Merlin and Indian pied hornbill amongst a few more. This is a great place for bird watchers and people who want to gain more knowledge about different species of birds in the region.

Engage in Wildlife Photography

Engage in Wildlife Photography:  Things To Do In Dudhwa National Park
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If you want to capture the moments where you saw some of the rarest animals, insects and birds, indulge in a wildlife photography tour at Dudhwa National Park. The tour is for both amateur and experienced photographers who want to explore the jungle and photograph some of the best landscapes and the biodiversity that is contained in Dudhwa National Park. The group size is small and the instructor is able to give each person a good amount of attention, telling them about different techniques to be used and the secrets of wildlife photography. This is a great way to spend a day at the national park.

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