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Things To Do In Antalya

Planning A Trip To Antalya? Here's our list of top things to do in Antalya

Almost all year round, Antalya is a lovely place to visit and you will find plenty of things to do in Antalya. Filled with exotic landscapes, cultural events, archaeological sites and a baffling history, the city has so much to offer. Antalya is a seaside resort in Turkey and is part of the Turkish Riviera. More than 3000 years old, this city has seen popularity over the centuries and has been a thriving city since the Roman era. From adventure sports to museum tours to even some newly constructed theme parks, it is a city that will keep you truly enchanted.

Go Beach-Hopping

Go Beach-Hopping:  Things To Do In Antalya
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There are plenty of beaches in Antalya, each with its own charm. Kaputas Beach is one of the most beautiful beaches. Mermerli Beach is a popular tourist spot as it has shallow waters and is ideal for families with kids who want to spend time playing in the water. Konyaalti Beach offers a lot of interesting outdoor activities like Basketball & Football. Though the beach is quite rocky with grey sand, the views of Mt. Taurus from here is quite breathtaking. Lara, one of the most popular beaches, has been categorised as a blue flag beach for its exceptional cleanliness. Most of the beaches have good facilities for toilets and changing rooms along with a variety of restaurants.

Explore Antalya's Old Town - Kaleici

Explore Antalya's Old Town - Kaleici:  Things To Do In Antalya
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Antalya's old town has been kept preserved by the government and makes for a wonderful experience. You can find an eclectic mix of architecture from the different eras like the Ottoman rule and the Roman period. Some of the important things to see here are the Tekeli Mehmet Paşa Cami which was built in the 18th century and the Hadrian's Gate which was built in 130 AD. Also to be found here is the Kesik Minare Cami and a former Roman Temple that was built in 2nd century AD, which was later used as a church during the Byzantine era and then a mosque in the 13th century AD. Don't forget to also visit the Antalya Archaeological Museum.


The cobblestoned streets make for a picturesque view. Some Ottoman-era houses have now been converted into small hotels. There are plenty of restaurants and souvenir shops to keep you occupied for at least half a day. If you are still around by evening, you could go up to Karaalioğlu Park to catch a glimpse of the beautiful sunset.

Set Off On A Boat Trip From Kaleici Marina

Set Off On A Boat Trip From Kaleici Marina:  Things To Do In Antalya
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There are many boat tours conducted from the old harbour of Antalya and you can choose one that suits your requirements the best. There are 30-min boat rides to much longer trips that also include lunch with fresh catch. Being a top tourist spot, don't forget to haggle for the best prices, especially during the off-season.


The marina itself is a beautiful place to take a lot of pictures and to just hang around in. There are plenty of cafes & restaurants along with a lot of shops & markets so spending time here is quite easy.

Enjoy A Thrilling White Water Rafting Tour

Enjoy A Thrilling White Water Rafting Tour:  Things To Do In Antalya
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The famous Koprulu Canyon National Park is located about 90 km from Antalya. It has the longest canyon in Turkey which makes it an incredible spot for white water rafting. The activity is good for beginners as well as experts. Apart from the excitement it offers, you can also enjoy beautiful views of the forest along the sides of the rapids and if you are lucky, you may also spot a few wild animals like foxes and bears. It is a fun activity for individuals and families alike. Typically you spend up to 7 hours on this excursion.

Watch Them Feed The Sharks At The Aquarium

Watch Them Feed The Sharks At The Aquarium:  Things To Do In Antalya
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The Antalya Aquarium is one of the largest aquarium complexes. It houses many different species of aquatic animals and has the longest tunnel tank in all of Europe. The feeding of the sharks is an exciting event where trained divers feed the sharks by hand. Within the Aquarium complex is also Snow World & Ice Museum which offers entertainment to everybody and WildPark which is a tropical reptile house. It is a great indoor activity, especially for a rainy day. 

Take A Cable Car Ride To The Top Of Mt. Tahtali

Take A Cable Car Ride To The Top Of Mt. Tahtali:  Things To Do In Antalya
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Just 50 km from Antalya is the beautiful Beydaglari National Park from where you can take a cable car to Mount Tahtali which is its highest peak. Each car fits up to 80 people and the ride lasts 10 minutes one way. The panoramic views along the way are beautiful but set at 7759 feet above sea level, the views from the summit are even more spectacular and not to be missed. You get a wonderful sight of the Mediterranean sea, mountains and pine forests and a bird eye view of the Antalya area. If you visit the mountain between November and May the landscape changes to snow-clad peaks. It is open throughout the year and is a fun activity for the entire family to enjoy.

Swim With The Fishes In The Mediterranean Sea

Swim With The Fishes In The Mediterranean Sea:  Things To Do In Antalya
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Scuba diving is a popular adventure sport around these parts of Turkey. The crystal clear waters off the coast of Antalya make for a wonderful experience. This sport is open to all, from beginners to seasoned divers, and special care is taken to ensure the necessary training & safety procedures for all. If you are not comfortable with diving, you can also opt for snorkelling. Both options are a great way to explore the real aquatic side of Antalya and see the colourful fishes and majestic underwater kingdom. Plenty of diving centres can be found in Antalya, especially near Lara beach.

Discover The Countryside On A Jeep Safari

Discover The Countryside On A Jeep Safari:  Things To Do In Antalya
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Antalya offers a unique Jeep Safari off-road experience. From the countryside of Turkey to the magnanimous Taurus Mountains, take in the beautiful landscapes just beyond Antalya. There are many small villages that you will pass by. The thrill of speed and the raw adventurous vibe this safari offers is what sets this experience apart from the rest. Be prepared to get wet and dusty while enjoying the most fantastic sceneries yet. This activity is suitable for children above 3 years.

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