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Things To Do In Ankara

Planning A Trip To Ankara? Here's our list of top things to do in Ankara

The capital of Turkey Ankara is a beautiful blend of cultural and historical experiences along with the beauty and ease of a modern city. There are plenty of things to do in Ankara for tourists, from visiting museums to enjoying the nightlife of the city. The history of this city dates 3000 years in the past, and some ruins from the ancient world still remain, standing tall here. And since it is located at the very centre of Turkey, people often prefer to use it as a base to take day trips to other cities that are close by.

Unravel The History of Turkey

Unravel The History of Turkey:  Things To Do In Ankara
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The best place to get an introduction to Turkey's history is at the Museum of Anatolian Civilization. The museum offers a chronological view of Turkey's history from the Palaeolithic and Neolithic era right up to the present day. Witness its spectacular collection of priceless artefacts. The museum itself is located within a restored Ottoman-era building. You don't need to be a history buff to enjoy this delightful treat of education.


Other museums that you can visit are Ataturk Mausoleum, Etnografya Museum, Altinkoy Open Air Museum, Ankara Air Force Museum, War of Independence Museum and the Çengelhan Rahmi M Koc Museum

Enjoy the Colourful Lights at Genclik Park

Enjoy the Colourful Lights at Genclik Park:  Things To Do In Ankara
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Genclik Park is the biggest park in Ankara and is popular with tourists and locals alike. It's a nice place to relax and take in some fresh evening air. There are many food kiosks where you can enjoy some Turkish delights. But the best part of the park is its beautiful light display near the fountains. The colourful light and sound show is a fun family affair.

Visit Roman Ruins

Visit Roman Ruins:  Things To Do In Ankara
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Ankara has a history that's over 3000 years old. If you take a walk around Ulus square you will come across some beautiful Roman ruins. Along the Roman Road, you will see the Column of Julian and further down the road you will see the popular Temple of Augustus and Rome. Also to be found here are extensive remains of Roman baths. To know more about the history and story behind these ancient remains, it's best to take a tour guide with you.

Shop down the Kizilay Streets

Shop down the Kizilay Streets:  Things To Do In Ankara
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Visit Kizilay, the downtown area of Ankara and enjoy its vibrant and positive energy. There are stylish restaurants, designer stores, outdoor markets and a lively nightlife with many clubs and pubs. Kizilay Square has many of the important tourist monuments of Ankara, so its easy to spend at least 3-4 hours around the area. This area can be easily accessed by Metro.

Explore the charming Ankara Citadel

Explore the charming Ankara Citadel:  Things To Do In Ankara
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In the Ulus Bentderesi District is Ankara's citadel, which is still home to some traditional Turkish villages. There are fantastic views of the city to be had from the top, which is a must-visit. Walk around the old-quarter of Ankara, which is made up by the cobbled paths that lead up to the citadel, and also take in the old-charm vibes. Have a meal at one of the many cafes and consider picking up a few souvenirs from the local shops.

Attend a Sporting Event

Attend a Sporting Event:  Things To Do In Ankara
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Ankara has many sporting events and cultural performances happening, which makes it such a lively city. If you want to have a real local experience, you should watch a sporting event like football or basketball in one of the many stadiums Ankara has. Even if you don't stay for the full match, it's an interesting experience to have and enjoy. There are many websites that offer schedules and online ticketing.

Admire the Kocatepe Mosque

Admire the Kocatepe Mosque:  Things To Do In Ankara
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Kocatepe Mosque is the biggest mosque in all of Ankara and is a stunning piece of architecture. It took 20 years to be made and was completed in 1987, making it also one of the newest mosques in Ankara. The mosque can be seen from everywhere in the city centre. The exteriors have been built in Ottoman style and the interiors are decorated beautifully. From all the mosques in Ankara, this is definitely one you must not miss out on.

Enjoy some Marine Life

Enjoy some Marine Life:  Things To Do In Ankara
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The Aqua Vega Aquarium is the third largest tunnel aquarium in Europe. It's a beautiful place to look at some interesting fishes and other sea creatures. The aquarium houses a Salt Cave, Sea Shell Museum, Jungle Corner and more. It is especially interesting for families and kids, but anyone who loves the water kingdom will enjoy their time at this aquarium.

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