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Queenstown Region Weather And Best Time To Visit Queenstown Region

Planning A Trip To Queenstown Region? Here's a snapshot of Queenstown Region weather and the best time to visit Queenstown Region

Queenstown is one of the most beautiful places one will see in New Zealand. The town has four distinct seasons and each season has its own charm. The weather in Queenstown, in keeping with the seasons of the southern hemisphere, is completely different from that in the northern hemisphere. Summers here are known for their long days and warm weather, autumn is a display of the bright red and gold, winters are the time for snow and spring brings new life. There really isn’t a single best time to visit Queenstown as it is open year-round and depending on what one prefers, they can choose when to visit.

Summer: December to February

Summer: December to February:  Queenstown Region Weather And Best Time To Visit Queenstown Region
Photograph by queenstowninsider.com

Summer in Queenstown is the warmest time of the year. It is also known for the long hours of daylight. During the first months of summer, the town gets about 14 hrs of sunlight a day and it goes down to about 13 hrs after Christmas. Summer is that time of the year when everyone is out and about. The long days and warm temperatures attract people from all over the world. The town gets maximum number of visitors during this time and this means there is quite a huge crowd bustling around downtown. All outdoor activities commence during this time; while hiking and biking are common throughout the year, there are a number of trails that are open only during summer.

The town also offers crazy adventure sports for those adrenaline junkies out there, like bungy jumping and parasailing. It is also a good time to take to the air with the many tours that are available here. Helicopter rides offer some of the best views of the town. Given the warm temperatures, summers also make for the perfect time to take a dip in the calm waters of Lake Wakatipu. Fishing and other activities like Kayaking and jet-skiing are also popular during this time of the year. While summers are known for the hustle and bustle, they are also the most expensive time of the year. It is important to book much in advance to make sure of the availability of services.

Autumn: March to May

Autumn: March to May:  Queenstown Region Weather And Best Time To Visit Queenstown Region
Photograph by queenstownz.co.nz

Autumn is one of the most distinct seasons here in Queenstown. The arrival of the season is marked by a transformation of the vivid green to a vibrant red and gold. Autumn in Queenstown is still quite warm with temperatures hovering around 20°C to 24°C during the day. Visitors can still enjoy all the activities of the summer months and much more. While hiking, biking and walking are common during this time, one can also indulge in the many festivals that the season brings. One such festival is the Akarua Arrowtown Autumn Festival. A five-day-long celebration of the heritage and history of the gold-mining town is a major highlight of the season. Autumn is also a good time to enjoy the food in Queenstown. The town also produces some of the best wine in the country and autumn is the time for some wine-tasting. While the number of people visiting the town is not as high as in summer, a substantial number of people visit Queenstown during autumn.

Winter: June to August

Winter: June to August:  Queenstown Region Weather And Best Time To Visit Queenstown Region
Photograph by southerndiscoveries.co.nz

Every year from June to August, Queenstown transforms into a hub for winter-sports enthusiasts and snow lovers from around the world. The temperatures drop to about 8°C during the day and can go down to about -2°C in the night. The town receives a good amount of snow each year, making it a paradise for adventure lovers. Covered in a blanket of white, the town is full of life and celebrations during the winter. With an array of events held during this time, from skiing competitions to mountain climbing, winter is one of the most popular times of the year. The town’s biggest celebration of the season can be witnessed during the Queenstown Winter Festival. Packed with entertainment, live music, amazing food and much more, the festival has gained a reputation for being the Southern Hemisphere’s biggest winter celebration. Winter is the second-most busiest time of the year with a huge number of people visiting the place during this time. So prices can be a little high, planning and booking in advance is important to enjoy the trip hassle-free.

Spring: September to November

Spring: September to November:  Queenstown Region Weather And Best Time To Visit Queenstown Region
Photograph by queenstownmotel.com

While the peaks still hold some of the snow from winter, most of it has begun to melt and feeds the fertile lands of the town. Flowers are in bloom and the hillside is the most colourful during spring. With the arrival of spring comes the warmth in the air as temperatures begin to climb back up again. Daytime temperatures climb up to 20-22°C and also the daytime becomes longer gradually. Spring is hailed as the quietest time of the year in Queenstown. With fewer people visiting the town during spring, it is easier to find accommodation and other services. Spring is also the time for a budget-friendly holiday as one can find a number of deals to choose from. With temperatures back up again, the months of October and November are ideal for sightseeing and outdoor explorations.

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