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Auckland Tourism And Travel Guide

Planning A Trip To Auckland? Here's a detailed Auckland tourism and travel guide to help you plan a memorable holiday
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12.3° C / 54.2° F
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Best Months To Visit:
December to February
Recommended Duration:
5 to 7 Days
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Auckland International Airport (15 kms)
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New Zealand is one of the most popular destinations to go to in the 21st century and the country’s commercial capital, Auckland is at the heart of New Zealand’s economic and tourism success. The city, in a way, acts as the gateway to the country. Located in the North Island, the city is blessed with multiple harbours and an international airport. Nestled amidst some of the most beautiful landscapes on the planet, Auckland is unique in its perfect concoction of nature and modernity. This condensed travel guide to Auckland should equip you with everything you need to know to plan the perfect vacation.

How To Reach

How To Reach:  Auckland Tourism And Travel Guide
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Auckland was once the national capital only to be replaced by the title ‘commercial capital’. The city is one of the busiest in the country and receives majority of the tourist inflow in the country. Recognised globally for its tourism potential, Auckland is one of the most easily accessible cities in the entire world.


By Air:
Auckland has New Zealand’s busiest air terminals handling over 10,000,000 passengers each year. With flights from all over the world in and out of Auckland, the city is easy to get to from any part of the globe. While there are no direct flights to Auckland from India, there are plenty of connecting flights that travel to the city on a daily basis. Cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai and Hyderabad have flights to Auckland around the clock. As India does not feature in the list of countries Auckland has a no-visa policy with, Indian citizens need to apply for a visa before. There are bus and taxi services from the airport to all the major parts of the city that visitors can exploit.


By Sea:
While there are plenty of cargo ships and freighters travelling to Auckland, there are no passenger ships that leave from India. There are cruises that travel to Auckland from Australia but the easier option is to fly to the city.


Getting around:

Commuting in the city is rather easy, given that Auckland has New Zealand’s best public transport system. There are public buses that ply to all major parts of the city and taxi services are available to any part of Auckland. One can also hire cars for a more flexible travel option.

Weather and Best Time to Visit

Weather and Best Time to Visit:  Auckland Tourism And Travel Guide
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Like elsewhere in New Zealand, the city of Auckland can be visited all throughout the year. The climatic conditions are never too unpleasant to visit the city. Summers are considered the peak season here and this is when the city sees the maximum inflow of tourists. It can get crowded and prices are usually at the highest during this time of the year. With fewer people visiting and pleasant weather, autumn and spring are considered the best times to visit the city.


Summer: December to February
Summer in the city is considered the hottest time of the year with temperatures ranging from 21°C to 26°C. Although it is the hottest time of the year, the weather is still very pleasant. With the longest days, summers are the best time to indulge in outdoor activities and explore the diverse landscapes of the city. Given the high number of people visiting, the place is rather crowded and as a result, all prices go up. If you don’t mind the crowd then this is the time to visit. It is important to book much in advance to avoid last minute rush.


Autumn: March to May
With temperatures ranging around 17°C to 21°C, autumn is neither too cold nor too hot and is perfect for all kinds of activities. It is also the time of the year when the whole place is painted a beautiful orange Hue. With fewer people coming into the city during this time, autumn is the best time to visit the city. The prices of all services also come down, making it all the better.


Winter: June to August
Winter is the coldest time of the year. While it does not snow here normally, there is always a nip in the air. The temperatures range around 12°C to 15°C during the day and can go down to 8°C in the nights. Warm clothes are necessary if planning to visit the city. The number of people coming to the city during winter is quite low, making it the ideal time for a budget-friendly trip.


Spring: September to November
Spring is also an ideal time to visit the city. The weather is rather pleasant with temperatures hovering around 16°C to 20°C. Spring sees a variety of colours popping up with many beautiful flowers blooming around. With fewer people to contend with, spring is a really good time to visit the city. Spring also sees a number of festivals leading up to the peak season.

Things To Do

Things To Do:  Auckland Tourism And Travel Guide
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Auckland has a variety of options for tourists to pick from. It is one of the most developed cities in the world, hence opening itself up to first class services. It is situated amidst the natural splendour that New Zealand is known for, giving adventure seekers and nature lovers something to look forward to. Here is a list of Auckland’s most popular.


Places to Visit:

While the city holds many treasures like the Auckland War Memorial to pay tribute to the country's brave soldiers, the magnificent Auckland Art Gallery that is home to art from all around the world and the iconic Sky Tower with its panoramic view, most of the enchanting sights lie beyond the cityscape. The west coast is a fine example with soft sandy beaches and azure water. Auckland is also famous for its many volcanoes, some fully formed into majestic cones. Rangitoto is Auckland’s most popular, especially because it offers a breath-taking view of the entire city.



The trail to Rangitoto is fascinating, especially because it also highlights the volcanic remains from the previous activity. At the end of the trail, it is very rewarding to see the skyscrapers of the city gleaming from the distance against the backdrop of the Waitakere range. The Tiritiri Matangi Island on the eastern side of the city is home to many rare species of fauna and flora. This trail is a bird watcher's dream since birds like the little-spotted kiwi and the blue penguin are often seen here. The Te Henga walkway is perhaps the most popular of all the trails since it has a variety of terrains and can be quite an exciting challenge for hikers.


Adventure at Sky Tower:

Over 300 m tall, the sky tower is the best place for sky jumping where people jump off the tower with a cord to secure them. Walking on the edge of the tower is another activity that adrenaline junkies will die for. With a harness keeping them safe, people can enjoy the spectacular view from atop the Sky Tower.


Picnic at One Tree Hill:

The one tree hill is a hill of volcanic origins and it is a site of great cultural significance for the Maori. The hill has an Obelisk at the very top with a statue of a Maori warrior in front of it. The memorial was established as a symbol of respect for the people. The hill has a tranquil aura and is a perfect place for a picnic. There is also an observatory and planetarium at the premises that is open to visitors.


Boat Cruising and Kayaking:

One of the things that are so wonderful about Auckland is that is an ocean-facing city. A number of cruises start of from its harbours that have varying lengths of time and number of destinations. For those who want to take it into their own hands, there is always kayaking. It is undoubtedly the best way to explore the neighbouring islands.

Eat At

Eat At:  Auckland Tourism And Travel Guide
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Auckland is known for its many cafes, eateries and award-winning restaurants along with some of the most exquisite wine in the world. While the best way to understand and taste the delicious food here is to go on a guided food tour, one can also explore on their own the variety of food available here. While some of the best and interesting eateries are located in the Ponsonby Area, several others are spread across the city. Wynyard Quarter and Viaduct Harbour precinct are popular for their cafes and restaurants. The Matakana Farmer’s Market is known for its rich and fresh produce and is also home to some interesting eateries. The city also houses some popular Indian restaurants.

Shop At

Shop At:  Auckland Tourism And Travel Guide
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With buzzing harbours and an imperial past, the city of Auckland offers a wide variety of shopping experiences. While the cities markets will leave you spellbound, some of the most famous brands in the world co-exist amidst the unique heritage of the country. Markets here are usually held during weekends and one can find almost anything here. From delicious loaves of bread and flaky pastries to French cheese, the La Cigale markets offer a French-inspired experience. There are plenty of Farmer’s markets where one is sure to find fresh and colourful produce, the best meats and even beer. One can also find local handicrafts and clothing in the Matakana Indie Market.


Queen Street is home to some of the most popular shops in Auckland. From top luxury brands to the best bargains, Queen Street is home to it all. It is also quite popular for it souvenir shops. If shopping in Auckland, you can bet on being surprised by the sheer diversity that you will find here.

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