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Munnar Weather And Best Time To Visit Munnar

Planning A Trip To Munnar? Here's a snapshot of Munnar weather and the best time to visit Munnar

Cuddled in the lap of alluring Western Ghats and surrounded by the undulating Anamalai mountain range, whoever dubbed Munnar the ‘Kashmir of South India’, surely knew what it means to be Kashmir! Conveniently situated at a height of approximately 1600 meters above the sea, Munnar is frequented by visitors all around the year. One can come here to explore the quaint neighbourhoods, experience the tranquil and simple lifestyle spend a few serene nights in a natural landscape to rejuvenate their senses. So in short, when it comes to Munnar, any season is a good season. Here’s a snapshot of the Munnar weather and the best time to visit Munnar.

Munnar in Winter

Munnar in Winter:  Munnar Weather And Best Time To Visit Munnar
Photograph by Wikimedia commons

September to November and January to March
Pretty and fresh dawns, and equally charming dusks; that’s exactly how the winter season in Munnar is like!
The best time to visit Munnar would be from October to November and from January to May because during these months, Munnar weather is moderately cold. During winters the temperature ranges between 5 °C and 25 °C. One might experience occasional rains but that just adds to the beauty and makes the tea gardens look greener. Winters make the crystalline waterfalls look fuller and richer.


December:  Munnar Weather And Best Time To Visit Munnar
Photograph by Wikimedia commons

Climb up the Top Station and experience the sheer bliss of a peak winter outing in Munnar! Peak winters in this hill station add up to the exquisiteness and charm of the sights.

Though Munnar Weather is lovely throughout the year, winters can sometimes surprise you with sudden extremities. The temperature can drop to 5 °C , so don’t forget to carry ample woollen stock with you. Temperatures as low as −4 °C have also been recorded in the some parts of Munnar during peak winters. Visitors throng the hill station during this time because of Christmas and New Year celebrations.

Munnar in Summer

Munnar in Summer:  Munnar Weather And Best Time To Visit Munnar
Photograph by Wikimedia commons

April to May
Being a hill station, Munnar is an ideal place for visits all around the year. If you’re planning an escape from the humid summers of the city, Munnar, with an almost consistent temperature range of 15 °C to 25 °C makes way for a suitable vacation spot. So don’t take your summer clothes to Munnar casually, you might be required to stuff your travel bags with some warm clothing.
During day time, you can explore tea estates and museums while evenings are ideal for trekking, rock climbing and other related activities.

Munnar in Monsoons

Munnar in Monsoons:  Munnar Weather And Best Time To Visit Munnar
Photograph by user k r ranjith

June to August
Book a decent cottage; sit by the glass window of your room and read your favourite book while taking occasional sips of hot coffee. Or, just forget the world and spend your vacations eating, drinking, relaxing and listening to the rhythm of rain drops. This is precisely, what the Munnar Monsoon holidays are meant for.
Travelling to places might become difficult during rains because of road blocks and other issues, so monsoon vacations in Munnar are more about leisure and comfort. The months of August and September are however, ideal for enjoying the lovely waterfalls Chinnakanal and Cheeyappara in Munnar. The temperature may range from 2 °C to 13 °C. The temperature during night time might give you chills so be prepared and do keep your warm clothes handy.

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