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Kuala Lumpur Weather And Best Time To Visit Kuala Lumpur

Planning A Trip To Kuala Lumpur? Here's a snapshot of Kuala Lumpur weather and the best time to visit Kuala Lumpur

The city of Kuala Lumpur is the capital of Malaysia. It is located closer to the equator making it a tropical region. Therefore, there is never a bad time to visit this place. The weather is mostly good enough to get out and explore. The temperatures all around the year range from 15°C - 35°C. But the dry season between May to September is considered the best to visit, with 8 hours of bright sunshine and almost no rain.

Dry Weather (May to September)

Dry Weather (May to September):  Kuala Lumpur Weather And Best Time To Visit Kuala Lumpur
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The dry weather in Kuala Lumpur is from May to September. This is also considered to be the best time to visit. July is considered the best as it is said to be the driest of all months. June and August are said to have about 15 rainy days. Even so, the rains are at a minimum and do not hinder travel plans. Mostly occurring during early morning, once they’re gone, they aren’t expected over the course of the same day again. There are at least eight hours of sunshine even on rainy days of this season. The average temperature can be expected to be around 28°C. Though it is a humid place, even on a rainy day it is advised to carry sunscreen and an umbrella. 

Wet Weather (October to April)

Wet Weather (October to April):  Kuala Lumpur Weather And Best Time To Visit Kuala Lumpur
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Kuala Lumpur experiences monsoon twice a year. Rains are divided as Eastern and Western Monsoons. First during March to April; with March being the rainiest. Second, between October to January. These months receive the harshest rainfall, known as the western monsoons. The rainfall is around 12 inches. Thunderstorms are a common occurrence during this time. The city is well prepared for its rainy days. Most places are well covered with minimized complications for travelers.


So even on the worst weather days in Kuala Lumpur, you are sure to have fun and reap the bounties of this rich land. If the downpour stops you from getting out, you can always choose to relax in a cool indoor place or fancy a museum visit and experience the other side of the city.

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