Kuala Lumpur
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How To Reach Kuala Lumpur

Planning A Trip To Kuala Lumpur? Here are some guidelines on how to reach Kuala Lumpur

Kuala Lumpur is a city that rose to skyscrapers from a village of miners. It is the largest city of Malaysia, and has developed into one of the biggest metropolis of the world. With cultural diversity and thriving tourism, Kuala Lumpur receives thousands of tourists everyday. Being such a well-developed city comes with its perks and Kuala Lumpur is easy to reach by most routes. The best being by air, with the Kuala Lumpur International Airport only 50 km away. Trains are more affordable and become the next best way as they are faster than road transport. 

By Air

By Air:  How To Reach Kuala Lumpur
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The Kuala Lumpur International Airport is located 50 kms away from the city in Sepang. It is known for its modern facilities. This is also rated as one of the world’s top airports. There are about 40 international flight services that are received at this airport. Divided into two terminals, it has flights coming in from various parts of the world like Delhi, London, Manila, Singapore. The main serving airlines are Air India, Air Asia, Air China, Nippon Airways and British Airways. There are shuttle bus services from the airport to central Kuala Lumpur. 

By Rail

By Rail:  How To Reach Kuala Lumpur
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KTM or Keretapi Tanah Melayu is the service provided for railways in Malaysia. The old railway station of this city is called Kuala Lumpur Railway Station while the new one is called KL Sentral Railway station. Most international trains and trains from other cities commute through KL Sentral. The rates are affordable and online booking facilities are available. International trains include those from Singapore, Thailand, Kota Bharu, etc.


For traveling locally, other facilities like Monorail, KTM Komuter and ERL can be used. Taking a ride on the monorail gives a good overview of the city. 

By Road

By Road:  How To Reach Kuala Lumpur
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Kuala Lumpur is well connected to its neighboring and international cities by road. It is connected to Peninsular Malaysia. The North-South Expressway and East Coast Expressway pass through the city. The bus routes are segregated as north-bound, south-bound, and east-bound. It is best advised to arrive at least 15 mins prior to the bus departure time.


There are double-decker buses available for sightseeing that cover 42 places. They provide free WiFi and informative commentary. There are other buses for traveling around with fixed destinations. Though the frequency of buses is said to be every 15 mins, it could take up 2 hours, considering the traffic.


The taxis here are colored red, white and blue and are differentiated by their rates. It is advised to use taxi-booking apps like Uber and Grab instead of these taxis as they can be costlier, the taxi drivers may refuse to use meters or reject the passengers outright. 


Car rentals are a possibility but can be avoided. The major obstacle of driving here is the local signs and road etiquette. 

By Boat

By Boat:  How To Reach Kuala Lumpur
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Though Kuala Lumpur is not connected by waterways, the boat ride to Port Klang makes for a fun trip from Indonesia. It is 40 kms away from Kuala Lumpur. It would take up to 90 minutes by road. This port is divided into north, south and west port. The KTM trains stop at the south port. To go to the south port from west port, where the cruise liners are, you'd require a taxi ride. 

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