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Imphal Weather And Best Time To Visit Imphal

Planning A Trip To Imphal? Here's a snapshot of Imphal weather and the best time to visit Imphal

Imphal is the capital city of the Manipur, one of the seven sister states in northeast India. A lush beauty in terms of nature and a culturally rich haven in terms of diversity, Imphal is a like a breath of fresh air for anyone seeking a break from the conventional tourist spots around the country. The numerous festivals and mouth-watering cuisine of the region only adds an extra element of zing to the existing attractions of Imphal. The climate of Imphal also remains mostly pleasant all year round, which allows tourists to plan their trips to the city during practically any month of the year. Read on to know more about the weather here and the best time to visit Imphal. 

Winter (October - March)

Winter (October - March):  Imphal Weather And Best Time To Visit Imphal
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Winters are usually considered the most ideal time to plan your trip to Imphal. The temperature can range from an average of 25⁰C to 4⁰C during the coldest month of January. The predominantly pleasant climate during these months allows visitors to go on incredible sightseeing tours and explore all of Imphal’s popular outdoor attractions. While the skies are usually clear on most days, the city often turns foggy during peak winters, which imparts an ethereal look and mystical ambience to the entire region.

Summer (April - May)

Summer (April - May):  Imphal Weather And Best Time To Visit Imphal
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Summers are also a great time to visit Imphal and receive a heavy footfall of tourists. The weather is mostly cool during the early half of the season, with the lowest temperature ranging around 16⁰C. As the season progresses, the temperature may rise to a maximum of 35⁰C during the warmest time of the year. The climate rarely gets too unbearably hot and usually remains moderate enough to enjoy the city’s hotspots.

Monsoon (June - September)

Monsoon (June - September):  Imphal Weather And Best Time To Visit Imphal
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The amount of rainfall received in Imphal is around 1300 mm annually, which can be described as moderate at best. The climate is characterised by strong winds interspersed with intermittent rainfall and moderately warm temperatures. The monsoon season does make the city landscapes appear more vibrant than ever. Nonetheless, most tourists prefer to avoid the monsoon months for trips due to the unpredictability of the weather and unexpected precipitation multiple times a day.

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