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Braga Weather And Best Time To Visit Braga

Planning A Trip To Braga? Here's a snapshot of Braga weather and the best time to visit Braga

Braga is a hidden gem, located in the northern half of Portugal, relatively close by to Porto, one of the country's largest cities. It experiences a Mediterranean climate owing to its geographic location and the weather is well-balanced throughout majority of the year. Braga is best visited from April to October when the weather is averaging in the mid 20's. The hottest time of the year is from June to August and the coldest is during the months of December and January. Autumn is again not recommended for travel due to the increase in frequent showers. Visitors are recommended to check the weather forecast carefully before travelling here during this season. To gain deeper insights into Braga's weather, check out the article below. 

Spring Season (March - May)

Spring Season (March - May):  Braga Weather And Best Time To Visit Braga
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This is the best time to visit Braga, with well-balanced temperatures averaging around 15 to 22.2° C. There are short and light rain showers along with a reduced level of humidity and low winds. All these conditions make it ideal for outdoor exploration of Braga. This is the second most popular time for toursim in the city as well. Rainfall occurs for about 7 to 8 days during this period and does not really hamper tourism in any major way. 

Summer Season (June - August)

Summer Season (June - August):  Braga Weather And Best Time To Visit Braga
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The busiest time for tourism in the city, the long days, bright sunshine and virtually non-existent rainfall levels means that summer is also another one of the best times to visit the city. The season is similarly ideal for outdoor activities. June and August are widely considered to be the hottest months of the year with temperatures scaling 30° C and over at times. The wind speed is quite low and accommodation prices will be at their peak. Visitors should dress light and stay hydrated.

Autumn Season (September - November)

Autumn Season (September - November):  Braga Weather And Best Time To Visit Braga
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Autumn is conversely the slowest time for tourism and is widely considered to be the tourist off-season. There are high levels of rainfall and even occassional snowfall combined with relatively warm days as well. The temperature during this period drops significantly and the increase in windspeed is instantly noticable. The erratic weather means that most tourists will avoid travel to Braga. The fall leaves however do lend a unique charm to the city. 

Winter Season (December - February)

Winter Season (December - February):  Braga Weather And Best Time To Visit Braga
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The weather during this season sees temperatures drop down to single digits and an increase in wind-speed. There is a general chill in the air that sets in and if visitors are not appropriately clad, they will struggle to venture outside and enjoy the city. Being located close to the sea only increases the humidity levels and wind-speed here. December is the coldest month of the year. 

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