Best Places To Visit Near Patna - Weekend Getaways

Planning A Trip To Patna? Here is a List of Weekend Getaways and the Best Places to Visit near Patna.

A cultural epiphany of sorts, Patna is a city of beauty and history and Buddhism. This Bihari city expands along the Ganga River and is home to many relics and museums of Indo-Saracenic and Buddhist origins. But of course, there is only so much you can do here. With its traffic and congestion and to some extent, a lost touch in terms of nature and history, Patna is not always vied for a chilling weekend. So if you are looking for options around Patna for a weekend getaway then here’s our list to help you plan your next several weekends!


Vaishali:  Best Places To Visit Near Patna - Weekend Getaways
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The most popular among nearby places for a weekend trip, Vaishali is both historically rich as well as naturally endowed. The historical town is the first republic ever known to the world, along with being the birthplace of the Jain founder Lord Mahavir. This makes it a significant pilgrimage for Jains too. Buddhists come here because this is the land where Buddha delivered his last sermon. You can easily make a weekend out of sightseeing here, from the Gandhi Setu, Ramchura Temple to Ashoka Pillar, Vishwa Shanti Stupa to Vishal Garh Fort. Vaishali is 3 km from Patna.


Rajgir:  Best Places To Visit Near Patna - Weekend Getaways
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Another little town in the loving shadows of Buddhism and Jainism, Rajgir is endowed with royalty, history and natural beauty. Winter is great to escape to Rajgir for a weekend of sightseeing and hikes through caves. Visit the Ajatshatru Fort, Vishwa Shanti Stupa, Jain temples, Venu Van, Swarna Bhandar and Saptaparni Cave. Also, don’t miss a visit to the Cyclopean Walls, which is 40 km long and was a glorious monument built during the Mauryan Empire.


Kathmandu:  Best Places To Visit Near Patna - Weekend Getaways
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This capital of Nepal is a country away on map, but just round the corner from Patna when you see it practically. Located 350 km from the city, Kathmandu is amazing for a weekend of fun in a ‘foreign country’ where you feel in a different world altogether. You will not need a passport but just a valid driving license to cross the border. A long weekend here is sorted with architectural splendour and a merciful nature. Visit the famous Pashupatinath Temple, check out the colourful streets of Thamel, admire the Boudhanath Stupa and click loads of pictures at the Kathmandu Durbar Square.


Gaya:  Best Places To Visit Near Patna - Weekend Getaways
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Patna and Gaya are like two long-lost brothers, always said in the same breath. Gaya is 120 km away from Patna and known for its significance in the Hindu religion as well as Buddhist faith. Today a melting pot of cultures, Gaya is visited by people of all religions for its historic significance and ancient charm. For this reason, you must take a short weekend trip here and visit places like Giant Buddha, Dungeshwari Temple, Vishnupad Temple, Deo Sun Temple and the Mahabodhi temple.


Hazaribagh:  Best Places To Visit Near Patna - Weekend Getaways
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Hazaribag is a town in Jharkhand, some 230 km from Patna, known for its Hazaribag Wildlife Sanctuary and a health resort where folks come to recuperate and rejuvenate. A far cry from the lore, history and religion of the places listed so far, Hazaribag is just the kind of place where you can close your eyes and relax amid the hills and forests. The Canary Hills are a thing of beauty here, a sight for sore eyes. While rock formations and lakes beckon you to pack a picnic basket and bundle up for a short walk or hike. When in Hazaribag, visit the Rajrappa Temple, Hazaribagh Lake, Sanskriti Museum and Canary Hills.


Madhubani:  Best Places To Visit Near Patna - Weekend Getaways
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You must have heard this name in reference to paintings. And that’s the highlight of this place. A small village 170 km from Patna, Madhubani is heaven for art lovers. There is also archeological significance to this area, attracting a number of tourists. October through March is the best time to visit Madhubani. Explore places like the Nagar Fort, Somnath Mahadev Temple and Kapileshwar Temple, and pick up handicrafts painted in the patent Madhubani style.


Nalanda:  Best Places To Visit Near Patna - Weekend Getaways
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World’s oldest university, Nalanda is a town that was renowned world over once upon a time. The imagery of monks in maroon robes, milling around the buildings of education and learning, chanting mantras, worshipping at shrines, with libraries of ancient scriptures at their disposal is today morphed into a ruin, brought to its current state by Muslim invaders. Visit the Nalanda University Complex, tour the Hiuen Tsang Memorial, the Great Stupa and Nalanda Archeological Museum. A nice winter weekend here is perfect and it is not too far from Patna either — only 60 km.


Nawada:  Best Places To Visit Near Patna - Weekend Getaways
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At a distance of 107 km from Patna is the small southern town of Nawada. Ruled by Brihadratha, Kanah, Gupta and Mauryan empires through time, Nawada is today a treasure chest of their histories. With its small hamlets and shrines, Nawada is great for a short weekend away from Patna. Places you should include on your itinerary are Sankat Mochan mandir, Sobhnath, Gunawa Jal Temple, Gunawa Temple and Pawanpuri-Tirthankar. For a quiet evening, visit the Kakolat Waterfalls. You can also hike up into the Kakolat Hills.


Varanasi:  Best Places To Visit Near Patna - Weekend Getaways
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240 km from Patna is the ancient city of Kashi, also known as Benaras, also known as Varanasi. Here there are beautiful ghats and temples as old as time, shrines and forts of kings, and streets so tight two people cannot cross easily. Ganga flows in a mighty rush here and every season brings new celebrations of gods and deities. Visit Varanasi to immerse yourself in this cultural experience. Visit places like Manikarnika Ghat, Dashashwamedh Ghat, Ramnagar Fort and Shri Kashi Vishwanath Temple.

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