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Zanskar Weather And Best Time To Visit Zanskar

Planning A Trip To Zanskar? Here's a snapshot of Zanskar weather and the best time to visit Zanskar

A sub-district of Kargil district, Zanskar Valley is a beautiful region in the Indian state of Jammu & Kashmir. Previously a part of Guge kingdom in Tibet, Zanskar is now an integral part of the Indian Territory. Sparkling rivers, sun kissed snow capped peaks of Himalayan ranges and mesmerizing landscapes make Zanskar a lucrative holiday destination. The best time to visit Zanskar Valley is from July to September. Let us study the weather of Zanskar and the preferred times to visit the valley.

Summer (June to September)

Summer (June to September):  Zanskar Weather And Best Time To Visit Zanskar
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Summer sets in Zanskar in the month of May. Temperatures tend to range between -2°C and 30°C. The weather is neither hot nor cold and is perfect for exploring and enjoying the rustic beauty of the valley. Summer also coincides with the famous monastery festival that is celebrated in the month of May. The season is filled with too many extravagant events comprising of dance, music and merrymaking. It is a perfect opportunity to witness the cultural life of the people of Zanskar. Hence summer also happens to be the best season to visit Zanskar for sightseeing and partaking in the local cultural life.

Winter (October to May)

Winter (October to May):  Zanskar Weather And Best Time To Visit Zanskar
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There are only two seasons in Zanskar, winter and summer. Owing to its high altitude, Zanskar experiences extremely harsh winter. The winter lasts for more than six months starting from October and going on till May. Temperatures dip well below -15°C and everything is quiet, bitter cold.The rivers freeze and the entire region becomes perfect for trekkers. The famous Chadar and Padum treks are undertaken in the winter months as they tread across frozen river beds. They are counted among the best winter trekking trails in the country and invite adventure enthusiasts from all over the world.


If you are not into such adventure then winter is not the time for you. 

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