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Tourist Places To Visit In Mussoorie

Planning A Trip To Mussoorie? Here's our list of top tourist places to visit in Mussoorie

Aptly called the ‘Queen of the Hills’ Mussoorie is a romantic getaway nestled in the Himalayas. Far from the hot and sultry plains Mussoorie, with its lush green surroundings, Deodar trees and a sweeping and majestic view of the Sivalik ranges and the Doon Valley, offers a peaceful refuge of absolute bliss. The poetic romance of the ambience will sweep you off your feet and transport you to a world of fantasy and unadulterated beauty. This place of unadulterated beauty has just too much to do and too many tourist places to visit, like Mussoorie Lake, Lal Tibba, Gun Hill, Kempty Falls etc. Read on to find more.

Lal Tibba

Lal Tibba:  Tourist Places To Visit In Mussoorie
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Located in the Landour area, Lal Tibba is the highest point in Mussoorie. A 5 km trek uphill from Picture Palace will take you to this place. There is a tall tower located at the edge of the cliff in Lal Tibba with a telescope which allows a sweeping view of the Himalayan range.

Gun Hill

Gun Hill:  Tourist Places To Visit In Mussoorie
Photograph by user Rameshng

At an altitude of 2122m, Gun Hill is the second highest point in Mussoorie. It is said that in the pre-independence era, a gun mounted at this spot was fired at mid-day daily to help people adjust their watches. Gun Hill housing the water reservoir of Mussoorie also offers a fascinating panoramic view of the Himalayas and the Doon Valley.

Mussoorie Lake

Mussoorie Lake:  Tourist Places To Visit In Mussoorie
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Located in the heart of Mussoorie, Mussoorie Lake has been built by the City Board in recent times. Offering tourists a pretty view of the Doon Valley and surrounding villages, the lake has developed into a popular picnic spot.

Kempty Falls

Kempty Falls:  Tourist Places To Visit In Mussoorie
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A popular tourist destination in Mussoorie, Kempty falls is a perennial waterfall plunging down 40 feet from a mountain. A trip to the falls is incomplete without bathing under the falls.

Bhatta Falls

Bhatta Falls:  Tourist Places To Visit In Mussoorie
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Bhatta village lies en route from Mussoorie to Dehradun. A trek of 3km from the village will take you to the falls. There are small ponds and lakes around the falls for bathing and water amusements.

Cloud’s End

Cloud’s End:  Tourist Places To Visit In Mussoorie
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Cloud’s End lies on the extreme west of Mussoorie. Offering some wonderful view of the mountains, the path to the Cloud’s End is covered with thick and dense forests. Located in the lap of nature is a picturesque and idyllic resort ideal for honeymooners. Tranquil and blissful, a stay at the resort is a rejuvenating experience. 

Camel’s Back Road

Camel’s Back Road:  Tourist Places To Visit In Mussoorie
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Resembling a camel’s back, this road, a 4km stretch, begins from Rink at Kulri Bazaar and ends at Library road. The place offers one of the best views of the sun setting over the hills. Taking a leisurely walk down this road is an enjoyable experience. You can also go for horse riding here.

Mall Road

Mall Road:  Tourist Places To Visit In Mussoorie
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The most crowded area of Mussoorie is highly reminiscent of the colonial era. From benches to lampposts a touch of colonial rule seems to be everywhere.

Jharipani Falls

Jharipani Falls:  Tourist Places To Visit In Mussoorie
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On the way from Dehradun to Mussoorie about 11km from Mussoorie is Jharipani waterfalls. From the main road a mere 2km trek will take you to the site. Jharipani falls offers a breathtaking view to the tourists. Some of Mussoorie’s best boarding schools like Wynberg Allen, Oakgrove and St George’s College are located around this place providing the students a refreshing and beautiful ambience for education.

Lake Mist

Lake Mist:  Tourist Places To Visit In Mussoorie
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Lying en route from Mussoorie to the Kempty Falls is a newly developed scenic spot, Lake Mist. Some good restaurants and accommodations are located around this place.

Shedup Choepelling Temple

Shedup Choepelling Temple:  Tourist Places To Visit In Mussoorie
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Also popular as Tibetan Buddhist Temple, Shedup Choepelling Temple is a shrine in Mussoorie that is widely visited by the locals. Tourists are attracted to this place for its authentic Tibetan community and culture, as well as for the beauty of its architecture that merges seamlessly with the blooming nature around. From the temple itself you get gorgeous views of snow-capped peaks that slope down to lush meadows. Any day is a good day to visit here. The temple is open in the mornings between 5 and 12, and in the evenings from 4 to 9.

Library Bazaar

Library Bazaar:  Tourist Places To Visit In Mussoorie
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Library Bazaar is an important landmark in the main town of Mussoorie. It is the crossroad of bus terminal and taxi stand where a huge library stands since the year 1843. Hence the area is also called Kitaab Ghar. Interestingly, the Library Bazaar is perched between a temple, a mosque, a church and a gurudwara — symbolising the power of word. On this road, aside from the library, you will also find great places to eat, shop and even some recreational and gaming centres.

Mossy Falls

Mossy Falls:  Tourist Places To Visit In Mussoorie
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A waterfall that is tucked in the middle of dark green, almost fairytale-like forest. Thick milky mist rises from the pool at the bottom of this 145 m fall as the sharp wet smell of greens permeates the air. To see this beauty you will have to work hard and hike up a meandering way. But what better way to start an adventurous day than by undertaking a trek? Mossy Falls are 7 km away from the town centre and are every bit worth the effort. And what’s best, you get to dive into the pool as soon as you reach it to let the cool waters wash you of all that sweat!

Happy Valley

Happy Valley:  Tourist Places To Visit In Mussoorie
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Happy Valley is a beautiful landscape in Mussoorie that is not only all greens but also accommodates Tibetan temples and the IAS Academy. The Municipal Garden here is perfect for an evening walk. Or you can picnic here with your family and enjoy the nature and prayer bells that break the quiet from time to time. Summer months are better to visit Happy Valley as the winter time keeps the sun low. The daylight is less and hence doesn’t fully do justice to the beauty.

Haunted Savoy Hotel

Haunted Savoy Hotel:  Tourist Places To Visit In Mussoorie
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Want to mix some horror in all the temples and gardens and markets of Mussoorie? Then here’s the Haunted Savoy Hotel. It is a hundred and seventeen years old, and houses inside it an unsolved murder mystery. The tale goes — Lady Garnett-Orme was killed in one of the rooms of Savoy, eclipsing the popularity that it enjoyed at the time. Ever since, the murder and its subsequent eerie aura has cast this hotel in a bad light. However, most tourists who stay here now claim that nothing’s wrong. So if you are up for it maybe you can book a room too! If not, do stop by for all the stories.

George Everest's House

George Everest's House:  Tourist Places To Visit In Mussoorie
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On Mall Road is the House that belonged to a Welsh surveyor and geographer — George Everest. Sir George Everest, when he came to Mussoorie, fell so in love with the natural beauty and kindness of the people that he built this house and never left for 30 long years. Today this house is open to all for its splendid 19th century architecture and trivia from Sir George Everest’s personality and lifetime. The place is open all days of the week.

Company Garden

Company Garden:  Tourist Places To Visit In Mussoorie
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Also called Company Bagh, this garden is filled with vivid flowers of all the colours you could possibly imagine. Couple that with an amusement park, and you have your whole day set! Tourists visit here for some fun time with the family, adventurous rides and picnics. There is an artificial waterfall in a lake here that adds to your activities — boating and water-side walks. When you are done with all the exertion and want sustenance, the food court serves you delicious food — junk fast food as well as full Indian meals!

Sisters Bazaar

Sisters Bazaar:  Tourist Places To Visit In Mussoorie
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Shopping and hogging is THE thing to do at Sisters Bazaar. Located in Landour area, this market is the perfect place if you want to buy gifts, souvenirs as well as other knickknacks in Mussoorie. Also, if you are a foodie and want to gorge on everything amazing this town has to offer, do it here. From momos to fluffy omelettes, ice creams and cotton candies to butter corn, you will find stalls and street vendors offering all of these and many more finger foods. The ginger tea stalls are also highly coveted, especially in winters.

Cloud's End

Cloud's End:  Tourist Places To Visit In Mussoorie
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This is literally the tail end of Mussoorie land. You can see a bed of clouds below and more than 2000 acres of jungle thickets. Deodars, pines and oaks stretch as far as the eye can see. Mussoorie is a distant dip in the valley from here and worth capturing on your camera. Nature walks and hikes are pretty coveted at Cloud’s End, as is photography. You can explore the Swetenham Bungalow on your way here, which dates back to 1838. A resort and restaurant inside this bungalow are perfect for a bite to eat.

Disco Skating Rink

Disco Skating Rink:  Tourist Places To Visit In Mussoorie
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You’ve gone skating? You’ve gone partying?


Now go and do both together! Here at Disco Skating Rink in Mussoorie, you get to enjoy skating in the middle of cedar and deodar forest with dynamic lights and sometimes even music to turn the beat up. The natural setting and wheels under your feet make you feel like you are flying. Do visit this place with your kids or friends and have the time of your life. Summer is the perfect season to go skating, but some months of winter are also good. 

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