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Tourist Places To Visit In Florence

Planning A Trip To Florence? Here's our list of top tourist places to visit in Florence

The beautiful city of Florence showcases the amazing Italian Renaissance and is home to some of the best works of art and excellent architecture. It offers a glimpse of the humanistic and artistic movement that broke out in the renaissance period, giving birth to freedom of expression. Florence has loads of things to see and places to adore and it might take you weeks before you can lay your eyes on all that this city has to offer! Tourist places to visit in Florence include dozens of churches, museums that will intensify your knowledge about the ancient world and some of the most beautiful galleries exhibiting art forms that are a culmination of pure talent from the ancient times to the modern ones.


We don’t want you to miss out! Below is our collection of some of the best places to visit on your trip to Florence.

Cinque Terre

Cinque Terre:  Tourist Places To Visit In Florence
Photograph by getyourguide.com

The Cinque Terre is a guided hike through old world Italy. This day hike through the five idyllic fishing villages of Monterosso al Mare, Corniglia, Manarola, Vernazza and Riomaggiore that make up the Cinque Terre National Park is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. For years now people have built terraces on rugged landscapes and Cinque Terre is one of them. It is not easily accessible by car or public transportation and you can go up to only one point in a car and will have to hike from there onwards. While walking on these beautiful trails of the park, you can see stunning views of the Italian waters.

Santa Croce

Santa Croce:  Tourist Places To Visit In Florence
Photograph by pixabay.com

Santa Croce is a burial place that was rebuilt for the Franciscan order by Arnolfo di Cambio in 1294. It is a burial ground for some of the greatest people in Florence and is also a church filled with beautiful art. The exterior of Santa Croce, which is considered the largest Franciscan church, is covered with polychrome marbles and inside the church you can find a lot of Renaissance art. In that era, rich families would have chapels built, decorated in their honor and that is how Santa Croce Basilica comprises of 16 family chapels. There are a number of these to see in the church and each is worth a visit for anyone keen on learning things about the Renaissance period.

The Bardini Gardens

The Bardini Gardens:  Tourist Places To Visit In Florence
Photograph by firenzeyesplease.com

Florence has so much to offer in terms of architecture and art that people don’t get much time to enjoy the natural beauty of the place. The Bardini Gardens stretching over an area of 4 hectares is a garden that has been opened to the public in the recent past and offers stunning views of sheer beauty that Florence has to offer. It is a Renaissance Garden of the Bardini Villa with picturesque views of blooms decorating the entire garden. Flights of steps lead you to see some of the most stunning views of the skyline of the city.  

San Miniato Al Monte

San Miniato Al Monte:  Tourist Places To Visit In Florence
Photograph by dissolve.com

The San Miniato Al Monte was built between the 11th and 13th century and is even higher up than the Piazzale Michelangelo. The exterior of this church is similar to that of Santa Croce which has green and white marble in geometric patterns. Once you reach the top of this church, you can witness views of the parts of the medieval walls that used to surround Florence a long time ago. The inside of the Basilica consists of an elevated presbytery, three naves and a crypt decorated with fresco painting by Taddeo Gaddi. This church is a true example of architecture excellence.

Basilica Di San Lorenzo

Basilica Di San Lorenzo:  Tourist Places To Visit In Florence
Photograph by visitflorence.com

Basilica Di San Lorenzo definitely is the first Basilica you must visit on your trip to Florence. A very popular attraction amongst the tourists, this Basilica is located in the center of the market in Florence. This is one of the oldest churches in Florence, built in the 15th century. Due to its marvelous architecture, many come to visit. You can see ecclesiastical Renaissance architecture designed by Filippo Brunelleschi and the interiors consist of neo-classical architecture, a place worth visiting.

Uffizi Gallery

Uffizi Gallery:  Tourist Places To Visit In Florence
Photograph by visitflorence.com

If you are waiting to witness some excellent artwork and appreciate its magnificence, the Uffizi Gallery must definitely be on your list. The gallery lies on the first and second floors of a large building that was constructed in the late 1500s and consists of several ancient sculptures and paintings. Some of the masterpieces exhibited in the gallery include Simone Martini, Giotto, Fillipo Lippi and many more. The gallery also exhibits a number of ancient statues from the Medici family, which are lined up on long corridors. 

The Ponte Vecchio or Old Bridge

The Ponte Vecchio or Old Bridge:  Tourist Places To Visit In Florence
Photograph by ticketsflorence.com

Built across the Arno River in Florence is the Ponte Vecchio or the Old Bridge, which is built very close to the Roman Crossing. This bridge is an iconic one as, during the World War I, this is the only bridge that the Germans did not destroy. Since the 13th century, butcher shops and fishmongers would line up on the bridge, trying to make a sale. But, in 1593, Ferdinand I declared that the bridge would only be used to sell gold and that only goldsmiths and jewellers could set shop there. Buying gold from the Ponte Vecchio is an experience and much more than just buying gold from anywhere else in the world. Discover traditional gold form the region on Florence’s bridge of gold!

Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore and Piazza Duomo

Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore and Piazza Duomo:  Tourist Places To Visit In Florence
Photograph by gotravelaz.com

The Florence Cathedral, Piazza Duomo and the age old museum adjacent to it, form a cathedral complex which is the centerpiece of the city. The Santa Maria del Fiore used to have the largest dome in the world up until 1881 and has a long flight of steps leading up to the very top of the structure where you can have a wonderful view of the entire city. You can also visit the adjacent bell tower known as Giotto’s Campanile for another stunning view of the city and the dome itself. The Opera Museum Duomo is structured in the same complex and is definitely worth a visit; recently having gone through an impressive transformation, this museum is an excellent piece of work! Masterpieces of art from the bygone era by famous Italian artists are the highlights of this museum, while the architecture of the structure is absolutely stunning.

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