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Tourist Places To Visit In Dras

Planning A Trip To Dras? Here's our list of top tourist places to visit in Dras

Dras is a charming little town, a mere 60 km from Kargil in the Indian state of Jammu & Kashmir. Its proximity to Indo-Pak LOC or Line of Control accounts for its importance. Despite the increasing insurgency, War of 1999 and continuous presence of army in the region, Dras has retained its beauty and its charm continues to entice tourists into visiting the town. It is one of the coldest inhabited places in the world and despite its challenging weather Dras has a number of interesting places to visit and explore.

Dras War Memorial

Dras War Memorial:  Tourist Places To Visit In Dras
Photograph by http://jkinside.com

The Dras War Memorial was created after the Kargil War of 1999. Made of pink sand stone, the memorial has an epitaph dedicated to the soldiers who lost their lives. The memorial also houses photographs of soldiers and weapons used in the war. It is a great place to visit not only as a mark of respect to these men but as a place to explore as well.


Matayen:  Tourist Places To Visit In Dras
Photograph by https://ladakhpics.wordpress.com

About 20 km from Dras is the quaint little village of Matayen. It is unique in the sense that it is the only village in the entire Ladakh region where Kashmiri is spoken fluently. The landscape leading to Matayen is beyond gorgeous, and it engulfs you in the warmth of its arms just as quickly.


Minamarg:  Tourist Places To Visit In Dras
Photograph by https://www.pinterest.co.uk

Minamarg is an enchanting place enroute to Amarnath. The place is known for picturesque landscape of hills and valleys and the fascinating Machoi glaciers. It is a mere 30 km from Dras and makes a great day’s getaway. You can enjoy a picnic on the roof of your car or go hiking in the walking trails in the glaciers. The choice is yours. 

Ningoor Masjid

Ningoor Masjid:  Tourist Places To Visit In Dras
Photograph by https://traveltriangle.com

Located about 7 km from Dras, Ningoor Masjid is a popular pilgrim spot for Muslims. It has several stories and legends woven around it. It is said that one of the walls of the mosque had risen naturally by itself during construction. Do visit this legendary mosque and admire the stunning architecture that created it in the aloofness of these mountains.

Chorkiat Forest, Mushku Valley etc.

Chorkiat Forest, Mushku Valley etc.:  Tourist Places To Visit In Dras
Photograph by https://www.tripoto.com

If you have time on your hands you can visit few other places from Dras. They are all located at a short distance from Dras and the ideal for a day’s trip. Chorkiat Forest, Mushku Valley, Bhimbet Stone, Tiasbu Astana, Sando Top, Draupadi Kund to name a few.

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