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Things To Do In Phuntsholing

Planning A Trip To Phuntsholing? Here's our list of top things to do in Phuntsholing

Phuntsholing is more of a business town than a tourist centre. You can enjoy the sights of Phuntsholing quite quickly. Since the town is centred around the commercial market area, shopping and touring the town is easily done on foot. Bhutan is always game to adventure sports, trekking across the mountain terrains and rafting on the rapids. Phuntsholing is the right place to begin and end long cultural tours across Bhutan, with a lot many things to do.


Tours:  Things To Do In Phuntsholing
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Most of the excursions begin from Phuntsholing. As Immigration permits to Paro and Thimphu are to be facilitated at Phuntsholing, it’s easy for you to complete the formalities and begin a beautiful trip from Phuntsholing. The tours take you around Phuntsholing before proceeding to Thimphu and to Paro, which includes a hike up the Tiger’s Nest Monastery.


Trekking:  Things To Do In Phuntsholing
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While in Phuntsholing you can go on short day treks along the town. Visit the monasteries or trek up the hilltops to watch the sights of the pristine Torsa River as it meanders its way down the slopes. Or opt for longer ones that take you across the mountains, into forests and over deep valleys to the neighbouring towns. Take a walk around the commercial market.

Shopping Spree

Shopping Spree:  Things To Do In Phuntsholing
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There are quite a number of shops in Phuntsholing. Stroll around the town and you have your shopping done. You can buy electronics, shoes, prayer flags, fridge magnets and the traditional Bhutanese clothes like Gho and Kia and varieties of yarn. You find both Bhutanese and Indian things sold in Phuntsholing. Visit the Phuntsholing vegetable market near the Amo Chhu Crocodile Breeding Centre.


Sightseeing:  Things To Do In Phuntsholing
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Chhukha Hydropower project:

Chhukha Hydropower Project in the Chukha district of Phuntsholing is Bhutan’s oldest mega power project. The plant works over Wangchhu river basin that brims with the waters flowing out of the Thimphu, Haa and Paro valleys. You can visit the Hydropower Plant after obtaining permission from the Immigration Office in Thimphu. The Plant is 83.1 km away from Phuntsholing along the Phuntsholing-Thimphu Highway.


Tashi Carpet Factory:

Visit the Tashi Carpet Factory in the north of Phuntsholing. The carpets are woven with Indian wool and synthetic dyes. Bulk orders of clothes for Bhutan’s monasteries and ‘mathra’ that is the material used in stitching Gho are manufactured here.

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