Pembrokeshire Coast National Park

Things To Do In Pembrokeshire Coast National Park

Planning A Trip To Pembrokeshire Coast National Park? Here's our list of top things to do in Pembrokeshire Coast National Park

Pembrokeshire is an ideal holiday destination with no dearth of activities and sites to explore that include boat trips, family festivities, adventure parks, castles and more. With a spring in your step and excitement feeling alike an adrenaline rush, you can allow yourself to indulge in action-packed watersports like kayaking, coasteering, diving or climbing, cycle through the quiet countryside or takes leisurely strolls along the Pembrokeshire coastal path amidst its gorgeous natural setting. Here are just some of the many things you can do in Pembrokeshire.

Oakwood Theme Park

Oakwood Theme Park:  Things To Do In Pembrokeshire Coast National Park
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Situated in the core of Pembrokeshire is the Oakwood Theme Park, one of Wales’s largest theme parks, rich with exciting activities for people of all age groups. With a mix of adrenaline pumping experiences to magical adventures, there are plenty of fun filled rides of all sizes, spooky events, and one of UK’s most popular wooden roller coaster, the Megafobia for kids and adults alike! Some other fun attractions include Drenched with tidal waves of 45ft, late night riding, gorgeous fireworks display and more such exciting events.

Power Boating

Power Boating:  Things To Do In Pembrokeshire Coast National Park
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Powerboating is an exciting and enjoyable boating activity, quite popular these days and is appealing to those who enjoy cruising at high speed over the sea. Ideal for both solo travelers and groups, powerboating can be enjoyed while waterskiing, diving or during a picnic! Explore the rugged coastline of Pembrokeshire with Power Boating, where you have a number of activity centres and Royal Yacht Association accredited venues for both novice and experienced skippers to help you move around the incredible coastal scenery and inland waterways, fish or just enjoy the tranquil waters on your day out.

Rock Climbing

Rock Climbing:  Things To Do In Pembrokeshire Coast National Park
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If you’re one of those adventure enthusiasts who enjoys a touch of drama, then dangling from a rope above crashing waves is just what you need in Pembrokeshire! Take a rock climbing session with highly qualifies guides who will help you not only climb rocks but also master the technique, allowing you to challenge your inner strength and talent, leaving you with a lot more than just confidence!


Cycling:  Things To Do In Pembrokeshire Coast National Park
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Off the road or on the road, take to the 2-wheels amidst the stunning views of Pembrokeshire that have a wide range of open & breathtaking cycle routes for all novice & experienced cyclists. From Sustran’s West Celtic Trail to Lon Teifi Trail, there’s an interesting array of towering cliffs and open beaches at each turn, wild landscapes and captivating hamlets with ancient traditions that make exploring the county as interesting as it gets.

Horse Riding

Horse Riding:  Things To Do In Pembrokeshire Coast National Park
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Canter along the beach or ride over the hills with horse riding adventures at Pembrokeshire, peaking over the shrubberies, encountering wildlife along the way as you wander around the countryside. Pembrokeshire’s lanes and trails will take you through some of the best woodland tracks and witness panoramic views and glorious sights through an unforgettable day of galloping around the county.


Coasteering:  Things To Do In Pembrokeshire Coast National Park
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Yet another outdoor activity that’s best done out in the sea is Coasteering. Scrambling, cliff jumping, climbing and a large volume of adrenaline rush is what you can expect in Pembrokeshire while coasteering. From climbing up natural rock arches to swimming into the sea caves to swinging off the towering rocks vertically, Coasteering will have you channel your inner devil, while having the time of your life! The typical activity runs for about 2-3 hours and can be enjoyed, even if you don’t know how to swim! There are expert guides to help you throughout the activity, in addition to your wetsuit and buoyancy aids that are super floaty anyway.

Skomer Wildlife

Skomer Wildlife:  Things To Do In Pembrokeshire Coast National Park
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About a mile off the gorgeous coast of Pembrokeshire is the Skomer Island, a beautiful place for a day visit or overnight stay, and an incredible but exposed wildlife. From an adventurous island exploration to experiencing a relaxing getaway, Skomer’s haven is renowned for its Puffins, Harbor Porpoises, Razorbills, Fulmars, Manx Shearwaters, the Skomer Vole and Dolphins. Encompassed by some of the richest waters off the British Isles, the island comes alive during spring with glorious displays of bluebells and covered in pink hues during the summer season, when sheathes of Campion shroud the countryside.

Kite Surf

Kite Surf:  Things To Do In Pembrokeshire Coast National Park
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A perfect locale for Kite Surfing, Pembrokeshire has swathes of golden sand in Newgale and the chilly western winds blowing right out of the Atlantic to make this sport as thrilling & exciting as you’d expect it to be! Suitable for all ages and abilities, kite surfing is all about learning to set up the equipment, launching, controlling and landing the kite, upwind, downwind or skyward! From cruising the coastline to practicing the high jumps to riding the waves you can enjoy riding the sea to your heart’s content.

Bluestone Resort & Spa

Bluestone Resort & Spa:  Things To Do In Pembrokeshire Coast National Park
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A holiday park in Pembrokeshire, the Bluestone Resort & Spa is located within part precincts of the Pembrokeshire Coast National Park, owned by the Pembrokeshire City Council and numerous private investors, with an employee resource of nearly 700 people. The resort has a combination of luxury cottages and lodges spanning over 500 acres of the park with different indoor & outdoor activities, a luxury wellness spa and the Blue Lagoon waterpark, a wild show to keep you splits, adrenaline-pumping adventures, interactive dinner shows, and festive forest celebrations to keep you engaged and entertained throughout.


Paragliding:  Things To Do In Pembrokeshire Coast National Park
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Here’s a lovely way to experience the thrill of flying like a bird. Depending on the site from where you take your flight, you may have to walk a short distance to the launch point and then post a few trial runs to help you become comfortable with the technique, you will be ready to soar! Enjoy Pembrokeshire paragliding with stunning views from the air of the Pembrokeshire Coastline and the Preseli Mountains with a tandem flight, one of the most accessible ways of experiencing paragliding, to begin with. Once you’ve made the tandem flight, you wouldn’t be able to stop yourself from going ahead and learn to fly solo!

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