Nagarhole National Park
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Things To Do In Nagarhole National Park

Planning A Trip To Nagarhole National Park? Here's our list of top things to do in Nagarhole National Park

Nagarhole National Park is not just about toting a camera and going on a safari. It’s about catching the wilderness around us at its best. Make the maximum use of the trip to Nagarhole by going on a trek around the forest, coracle down the streams that wind up and down the dense undergrowth or drive through the quiet jungles listening to the song birds or watching the pack of dholes hunt for their food. You can tour Nagarhole in a day or sleepover at a homestay and experience the night-time life of the wild forest. Indulge in jungle game activities that are bound to bring out the child in you! Here are some amazing things to do in Nagarhole National Park.

Boat Safari

Boat Safari:  Things To Do In Nagarhole National Park
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This is likely to be one of the best of your trip to Nagarhole. The Kabini reservoir was formed after the Kabini river had a dam built on it and the lake had flooded over the banks, so you have surrealistically placed woody tree stumps popping out in the middle of the lake, with a variety of birds perched on them. There are otters, crocodiles and water birds to keep you company in the water and as the boat sails deeper into the forest, find herds of elephants, bison or deer grazing on the plains or drinking or gambolling at the lake. If it’s your lucky day, you might even find an occasional tiger taking a drink. Check out the beautiful colours of the sky as the sun rises and sets, depending on your safari slot.
Kabini River Lodge organises the boat safari twice a day, i.e 6.30 am and 3.30 pm.

Jeep Safari

Jeep Safari:  Things To Do In Nagarhole National Park
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Jeep or Canter Truck safaris are handled by Kabini River Lodge of the Government of Karnataka. If you are staying at Kabini River Lodge, your tariff will include a Jeep Safari. Ticket bookings inside the Park are run by the Forest Department and booking counters open 30 minutes before the Safari starts. There might be a queue for the safari tickets, so make sure you’re on time. Entry Fee at the Safari is ₹250 for Indians and ₹1,500 for a foreign national. Safari charges and charges for the use of camera turn up extra depending on your itinerary inside the park.

Wildlife Activities

Wildlife Activities:  Things To Do In Nagarhole National Park
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There are resorts around the park that will arrange fun activities for you. Apart from the wildlife safari and a boating trip across the Kabini, make the best use of the enchanting lake with rafting and banana boat rides. You can rappel, practise archery, go off on a nature walk or sit around a camp fire at night, listening to the nocturnal sounds of the jungle. Spend a night sitting in the balcony of your guest house, listening to the sounds of crickets and frogs or the distant roar of a tiger.


Trekking:  Things To Do In Nagarhole National Park
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Trekking is one of the best experiences that Nagarhole could give you. Trek through the lush forests, past crystal clear lakes and waterfalls. The park is segmented into the north, central, west and southeast parts. Ideal trekking paths in the north are bordered by the Kabini River and the west with its winding streams, rivers and clumps of bamboo and sandalwood trees, where you are likely to find elephants and monkeys. One of the most picturesque treks is the Brahmagiri trek to the hills, whose base is at Iruppu Falls. Get permission from the forest department, camp midway at Narimale Forest Camp and continue your trek to the Brahmagiri.


Tholpetty:  Things To Do In Nagarhole National Park
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Pakshipatalam Bird Sanctuary is another ideal place you can visit. Carry your camera along for the place abounds with a variety of avian and animal species. Check out the caves that were legendarily used by saints to meditate. Visit the Kuruva Dweep on the Kabini River, for a seasonal boating trip or just for the birds. Tholpetty is in Kerala, close to the border with Karnataka, and is about 20 km from Nagarhole via Kutta.

Wildlife Photography

Wildlife Photography:  Things To Do In Nagarhole National Park
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Nagarhole has a dense forested area and you get to see carnivores, herds of deer, dholes, elephants and birds as frequently as you please. Get that camera ready and shoot away! All it requires is a love for animals and plenty of patience for the right time when the animals are at their natural best. You would be spoilt for choices. 


Stay-in:  Things To Do In Nagarhole National Park
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Kutta is a small nondescript town on the Karnataka and Kerala border. Kutta is a preferred place to stay as the entrance gate from Kutta to the Park is closer. Kutta is also close to Iruppu Falls and Tholpetty. If you stay in Kutta, you get to relish the cuisine of Kerala. Otherwise you can stay in the homestays close to the Nagarhole National Park. 

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