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Things To Do In Gopalpur

Planning A Trip To Gopalpur? Here's our list of top things to do in Gopalpur

One of the most popular beach towns in the coastal state of Orissa, Gopalpur features highly on the itinerary of visitors traveling to this ancient state. The shores of Gopalpur boast some luxurious resorts and hotels that will provide a rejuvenating experience as you enjoy the pristine beaches of this splendid town that was once little more than just a fishing village.


Gopalpur has been named after a temple dedicated to Lord Krishna that was constructed here in the 18th century. While the British were responsible for truly putting Gopalpur on the map because of its significance as a trading port, the natural beauty and charm of Gopalpur continues to attract visitors to this town even today. Here are some of the best things to do and explore on your trip to Gopalpur.


Gopalpur-on-Sea:  Things To Do In Gopalpur
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The Gopalpur Beach, also known as Gopalpur-on-Sea, is situated along the eastern coast of the Bay of Bengal and is the most popular spot in town among tourists. Visitors from cities nearby often make weekend trips to this splendid beach that has often been cited as one of the finest shores along the Eastern Coast. There are ample opportunities for water sports on offer like surfing and sailing, with amazing views of palm and coconut plantations flanking the beach on both sides.

Gopalpur Lighthouse

Gopalpur Lighthouse:  Things To Do In Gopalpur
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The Lighthouse is situated on the Gopalpur Beach and is one of the highlights of the shore. While it is open for a very short while each afternoon, it offers some brilliant 360ᴼ views of the entire beach and the town, along with some parts of Chilka Lake as well. The lighthouse used to function as a source of guidance for ships and sailors who were coming in to Gopalpur, and is now a reminder of how busy a trading port Gopalpur once was. It is currently maintained by the Orissa Tourist Department and attracts a lot of visitors who come to enjoy the panoramic views of the town and its surroundings.

Watch the Olive Ridley Sea Turtle

Watch the Olive Ridley Sea Turtle:  Things To Do In Gopalpur
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The Olive Ridley Sea Turtle are known to visit the Gahirmatha Marine Sanctuary for mass nesting, but if you’re lucky you may get the opportunity to watch these turtles on Gopalpur Beach as well. Although a rare sighting, the Olive Ridleys occasionally swim to the shores of Gopalpur and Rushikulya (which is around 55 km away from Gopalpur)  instead of Gahirmatha, for the purpose of nesting and laying their eggs on the sandy beaches of these towns.

Try the Local Cuisine

Try the Local Cuisine:  Things To Do In Gopalpur
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With its proximity to the sea and round-the-clock availability of fresh sea food, Gopalpur will prove to be a haven for all sea food lovers. There are numerous high end restaurants and even street food stalls present all along the beaches and in the town that serve lip-smacking varieties of fish, prawns, and crabs. Krishna’s Restaurant and Sea Shell’s Fast Food are some of the best places to try out.

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