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Punjab Weather And Best Time To Visit Punjab

Planning A Trip To Punjab? Here's a snapshot of Punjab weather and the best time to visit Punjab

Punjab is a vibrant state filled with locals who prefer spending their life performing activities that fill their heart's content. Whether it may be the illustrious history of the state or the colorful festivals, they all manage to offer tourists with diverse experiences. The three primary seasons witnessed across Punjab include Summer, Monsoon, and Winter. The summer season in Punjab provides a sultry atmosphere while the monsoon season eases off the climate with its heavy precipitation. However, the pleasant and welcoming weather of the winter season makes it the best time of the year to tour Punjab. Let us read through to understand how the different seasons welcome tourists.

Summer (March to May)

Summer (March to May):  Punjab Weather And Best Time To Visit Punjab
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The summer season in the state of Punjab begins with March and continues until May. The weather remains sultry and dry during this season, with temperatures fluctuating between 29°C and 45°C. During the summer season, Punjab witnesses the hot loo winds blowing across its territory. Cities such as Jalandhar and Moga experience the most tropical climate in the state around this time. Tourists usually avoid visiting Punjab during the summer season due to the sapping heat that prevails across its expanse. A few lucky visitors who tour Punjab at the start of the summer season may be able to partake in the vibrant celebrations of the Baisakhi festival.

Monsoon (June to September)

Monsoon (June to September):  Punjab Weather And Best Time To Visit Punjab
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Monsoon season in Punjab begins with June and ends in September. The monsoon winds and heavy precipitation relieve the locals as well as tourists from the scorching heat of summer. With rainfall alternating between 300 mm to 1000 mm, the climate usually remains damp and arid. The abundant rain may not provide secure travel options. However, the lush greenery that springs up around the state offers tourists with picturesque sceneries. Tourists who step forth inside Punjab during August can experience the entertainment of the Teeyan festival.

Winter (October to February)

Winter (October to February):  Punjab Weather And Best Time To Visit Punjab
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Winter season in Punjab begins with the start of October and ends in February. The weather remains calm and enjoyable, with temperatures usually hovering between 0°C and 26°C. The pleasant climate and countless festivals witnessed during winter make it the best time of the year to explore Punjab's tourist spots. Some of the prime annual fiestas that tourists can partake in include Lohri, Basant Panchami, and Hola Mohalla. Visitors can either appeal for blessings in front of a traditional bonfire of Lohri or be forced to contend with fierce kite-flying competitors during Basant Panchami. Hola Mohalla also allows visitors to witness horse riding competitions and martial art illustrations.

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