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Mauritius Honeymoon Travel Guide

Planning A Trip To Mauritius? Here's the Mauritius Honeymoon Travel Guide.

Mauritius is a haven of white beaches, picturesque islands, amazing culture and a temperament that is a mix of English, Dutch and French. For honeymooners out there, if you are into all that sun-sand and sardines, then Mauritius is the best destination for an after-wedding relaxation. While the island-nation is all romance and rose-tinted sunshine, you will also be surprised to find a plethora of adventure activities, especially for couples. Therefore tourism here in Mauritius is mostly dedicated to honeymooners, hence making it a hotspot. Here’s a travel guide if you are enamoured by this little paradise.

How to Reach

How to Reach:  Mauritius Honeymoon Travel Guide
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Mauritius is an island country, that is best reached by air. Waterways are also an option, but they are time consuming and tedious. Indians get a visa of 60 days on arrival, so that is another hassle less.


By Air:

You have regular flights from Indian cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Kolkata and Chennai that fly out to Sir Seewoosagur Ramgoolam International Airport of Plaisance, which is only 50 km from the capital Port Louis of Mauritius. Air India, Air Mauritius, Lufthansa and Emirates fly these routes. There are also flights from other Asian, European and African cities that make this airport one of the most significant in the area.


By Water:

Oh yes, cruises to Mauritius are possible from India. And yes, they are amazing. You can board a cruise from Mumbai or Chennai that docks at Port Louis in around 13 days, from where you can easily go around the islands by boats or ferries. Yachts and boats also ply from the Madagascar Island to Mauritius. 


Getting Around:

When in Mauritius, travel as the locals do. Use ferries and hire boats to hop from one island to another. While when you are travelling across land, use rented bicycles or hired cars (for luxury). Licensed taxis with meters are also available. There are railways and amazingly paved and maintained roadways too here for ease of domestic transport.

Weather and Best Time to Visit

Weather and Best Time to Visit:  Mauritius Honeymoon Travel Guide
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The island nation of Mauritius is known for its tropical climate, one that is all sun and warm, moist winds, the sea and salt. There are only two major seasons here, summer and winter.


Summer (January to April):

Since Mauritius lies in the Southern Hemisphere, the seasons here are inverted. Hence summers here are from Jan to April, a relatively short time of festivals (Easter), frequent rains, warm temps of 23-33°C, humid heat and occasional cyclones. This is a low season, hence you can enjoy the sun on the beaches with the least crowds around. 


Winter (May to December):

The winter time in Mauritius is considerably longer than the summer time, giving you the longest duration to choose from for your honeymoon. The temperature hovers between a sweet 18-24°C, leaving most of the rainfall aside. There is less humidity, a mildness in the air and pleasant waters for all kinds of activities. Most visitors prefer non-aircon rooms as the outside is just as good as the AC.

Things to Do

Things to Do:  Mauritius Honeymoon Travel Guide
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Mauritius honeymoon is all about beaches, adventure, water sports and loads of pampering at your suite.


Beach Hopping:

How can you go to a beach/ island destination and not go beach hopping? If you and your partner are beach babies then here’s the thing about Mauritius. It. Is. Amazing. Some of the best beaches to visit here include Belle Mare, Blue Bay, Pereybere and, of course, the Grand Bay Beach. Lie under the sun with your partner, cuddle, go swimming, parasailing and jet skiing together.


Visit the Seven-coloured Land:

Ever been to a land that is hued in many many colours? Well, in Mauritius there is such a piece of earth in the Chamarel Village and it is romance personified. Due to a phenomenon called ‘geological locchaa’ the land here is coloured in a mixed wave pattern of purples and reds, oranges and yellows. Get your instagram photos clicked here, it is splendid. 


Hike up Together to the Treasure Island: 

Ile Aux Cerfs is an island just off Mauritius’ east coast, also called the Treasure Island because of its splendid white sands, beaches of turquoise waters and beautiful swaying palm trees. You get full pampering with spas and restaurants here, along with water sports, beach relaxation as well as hiking opportunities. 


Go Swimming with Dolphins:

On Tamarin Bay in Mauritius, you and your significant other get to experience something unique and spellbinding together - swimming with the dolphins. With special instructors and guides in the water, you get to enjoy some time with the darlings of the Indian Ocean - the whales and the dolphins. 


Explore the City of Port Louis:

There is nothing more intimate to do in a place than explore its local culture, its towns and cities and villages. And when you are on your honeymoon, and do it together, you come closer as a couple in this shared experience. So make it a point to visit the capital city of Port Louis and exploring its temples, museums and local markets. If you hire bikes and ride around, you can easily enjoy some alone time along with sightseeing.


Go for some Adventure:

Mauritius and adventure go hand in hand, be it Scuba Diving or Snorkelling at Blue Bay Marine Park, Cave Sea Kayaking at Albion Caves or horse riding at Riambel Beach. Take your beloved along and revel in the thrill and rush of some adrenaline. 


Bathe Together in a Natural Pool:

In the village of Chamarel you can visit the legendary Chamarel Waterfalls, and dive into the natural rock-cut pool that forms at its base. It is one of the most coveted tourist attractions for some swimming, relaxing and top-notch photography. Very romantic.

What to Eat

What to Eat:  Mauritius Honeymoon Travel Guide
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When in Mauritius, eat as the locals do. Dive into its gorgeous offering of seafood, tropical fruit platters, fries, coconut and other nut-based rich curries, grilled meats and vegetables and the best baked goodies (courtesy English and French heritage here). One thing that you must try here is the vanilla flavoured tea. It is simply beyond delicious. You will also very easily find Indian, Italian, French and English cuisine as people of these ethnicities have been residing here for a long time.

What to Shop

What to Shop:  Mauritius Honeymoon Travel Guide
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Not a shopping destination as such, Mauritius is happy to offer you local crafted items and souvenirs from your trip. From handmade jewellery items and homeware, decor and alcohol (rum and Phoenix beer), you will find keepsakes to take back for loved ones back home. Fill tiny glass bottles with coloured earth from Chamarel, buy sugar jars, curepipe, local clothes, beachwear and straw hats from Le Craft Market or Bay Bazar, and haggle at street markets. That’s the best kind of shopping here.

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