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Limerick City Weather And Best Time To Visit Limerick City

Planning A Trip To Limerick City? Here's a snapshot of Limerick City weather and the best time to visit Limerick City

The third-largest city of the Irish Republic, Limerick is also one of it's top business and tourist centres. It is a city of contrasts; one that manages to blend its medieval history with its contemporary culture. The River Shannon that the city is situated along is one of the region’s most striking features, which apart from being majestically beautiful also holds a number of attractions along its shores. Limerick is a city you don’t travel to for its weather; you visit the city for its cultural and historical attractions, which are as enjoyable during the winters as they are in the summers. Moreover, the rural beauty of Limerick’s landscapes makes it a paradise for nature lovers as well. If you don’t mind unexpected rain at practically any time of the year, Limerick is worth visiting through all 12 months. Nonetheless, here is a detailed account of the best times to visit Limerick.

Summer (June – August)

Summer (June – August):  Limerick City Weather And Best Time To Visit Limerick City
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These are the peak tourist months and there is a large influx of visitors during the summers. The average temperature ranges around 18⁰-20⁰C with plenty of daylight – about 18 hours – to allow visitors to explore all the city’s outdoor attractions. While rain should be expected at any time of the year when you’re in Ireland, summers usually tend to be the driest time of the year. Mild showers for short intervals are not entirely uncommon though. Since this is also the time when schools shut down for vacations, locals spend their time outdoors almost as much as the tourists. The landscapes around the countryside are at their vibrant best and spending most of your time outdoors will truly seem like the best idea when visiting Limerick in the summers. However, be prepared to expect large crowds at most tourist spots and pay premium rates for hotels and accommodation.

Spring (March – May) & Autumn (September – October)

Spring (March – May) & Autumn (September – October):  Limerick City Weather And Best Time To Visit Limerick City
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Springtime and autumn are great shoulder seasons to plan your trip to Limerick. Since enjoying a vacation in the midst of peak months and crowded locations isn’t everybody’s cup of tea, visiting Limerick during the climate-transition months when the tourist crowds are pretty low may just be the best time for you. The weather during these months is pleasant and almost just as warm as the summer season. The average temperature in spring is around 13⁰C and during autumn is about 15⁰C. Since tourist crowds are low, hotel rates go down as well. Travellers should expect a large influx of tourists around St. Patrick’s Day though, which is the biggest national holiday in the country.

Winter (November – March)

Winter (November – March):  Limerick City Weather And Best Time To Visit Limerick City
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Temperatures begin to drop substantially with the beginning of November, marking the commencement of winters in Limerick. The lowest temperature usually does not fall below 5⁰C; however, days when the mercury dips to the freezing point do occur occasionally. Typically, winters are off-season in terms of vacationing in Limerick. The city gets considerably quiet and a lot of hotels shut down for the season. The hotels that do remain open often have good deals on offer. While the weather is too cold to enjoy much of any outdoor activities, the landscapes appear undeniably picturesque with the frost-covered trees and hills. December is also filled with Christmas festivities and great shopping opportunities, which makes the holiday weeks the best time to visit if you do plan a trip in the winters. Be prepared for a lot of rain though, as this is also the wettest season of the year.

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