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Czech Republic Weather And Best Time To Visit Czech Republic

Planning A Trip To Czech Republic? Here's a snapshot of Czech Republic weather and the best time to visit Czech Republic

Czech Republic is home to the beautiful city of Prague, where angel-faced benches are held aloft by serpent figurines carved underneath and castles are easily accompanied by haunted-looking gothic cathedrals. This country has seen a gory history and was at the centre of World War I, later becoming fragmented and today a fulfilled economy with tourism ripe. The weather in the Czech Republic can be categorised into the European climate with dry warmish summers followed by very cold winters. However, spring and peak summer seasons make for the best time to visit the Czech Republic.

Spring (March to May)

Spring (March to May):  Czech Republic Weather And Best Time To Visit Czech Republic
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One of the most ideal seasons for sightseeing in the Czech Republic, spring here sees a mild rise in temperature and makes for a pleasant holiday. Rainfall is all but negligible, sunlight is bright and longer, with snow thawing by March to form slush and puddles around you. Come April and the temperature hits the 20°C mark. One of the best places to visit in spring is the Bohemian region that forms the countryside, symbolising a beautiful culture of the tribes there. You will find yourself immersed in food festivals, music festivals and a beer fest too at this time.

Summer (June to September)

Summer (June to September):  Czech Republic Weather And Best Time To Visit Czech Republic
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Summer in the Czech Republic is the high season, one where tourists are filled to bursting and European crowds also descend to enjoy the lively cheer of this country. The temperatures are Nice and warm with a range of 24–26°C in the capital city of Prague, while rainfall is slightly more pronounced than it was in spring, however, not enough to disturb your outings. You will have to battle crowds and high prices at this time, along with humidity and thunderstorms sometimes. But this is the best season to see Czech Republic, no one can deny that. Do make sure to always carry an umbrella and a pair of warm clothes with you.


Autumn (October to November)

Autumn (October to November):  Czech Republic Weather And Best Time To Visit Czech Republic
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Autumn marks the shoulder season in Czech Republic but the weather is still great and temperature gradually falls from 24°C to 13°C by the season’s end. Crowds are thinning now and rains are gone, leaving a dry weather with dried crunching yellow leaves everywhere. Some of the best places at this time are Karlovy Vary and its spas, Bohemia and Prague for its Prague Grand Prix and the Prague Festival.

Winter (December to February)

Winter (December to February):  Czech Republic Weather And Best Time To Visit Czech Republic
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The Czech Republic is a landlocked country situated in central Europe. This alone should give you an idea of how cold the winters here will be. Rainfall and snowfall is common, as are chilly gusts of winds. Jan-Feb mark the coldest months and average temperature range remains 2–9°C in Prague. This is definitely the low season and you will hardly find any touristy crowd. But that means you enjoy amazing discounts and Christmas markets in the winter towns of Brno, Prague and Olomouc. The Bohemian Carnevale celebrated in February is another great grab of winter in the Czech Republic.

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