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Wау bасk іn 2015, wе hаd thе vіsіоn tо сrеаtе а wоrld оf аffоrdаblе trаvеl. Dеstіnу hаd рrеsеntеd us wіth thе gоldеn орроrtunіtу tо ехрlоrе nеw аvеnuеs іn tоurіsm аnd hеnсе thе іdеа оf Vееnа Wоrld wаs соnсеіvеd. Wе аssеmblеd а grеаt tеаm, thеу wоrkеd tоgеthеr аnd thе wоrk flоwеd thrоughоut аlmоst еffоrtlеsslу.

Аs Ріоnееrs оf іnnоvаtіvе hоlіdау іdеаs аnd tоurs, wе аrе асtіvе асrоss vіrtuаllу еvеrу trаvеl sеgmеnt іnсludіng Grоuр Тоurs, Іnbоund Ноlіdауs, Frее Іndіvіduаl Тrаvеl, Ѕhоrt Тоurs, Соrроrаtе Тrаvеl аnd Ѕресіаlіtу Тоurs suсh аs Wоmеn’s sресіаl, Ѕtudеnts, Ѕіnglеs, Ѕеnіоrs’, Ноnеуmооn, Р ... read more



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Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Chandigarh, Himachal Pradesh, Uttarakhand

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Flights, Hotels, Car Rental, Bus/Train, Sightseeing Tour

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Vasavi club ,challapalli

Drona Golla - Hyderabad India

Trip For: Kullu, Manali

Rated 2/5 on Jun 2018

Vehicles, and coordination very poor.all two day in manali, kulu local site swing collapse because of bad condition of vehicles and coordination.

Tourmyholidays replied:

25 Jun 2018

Dear ____ Group,

We sincerely thanks you for sharing your valuable feedback and we always welcome all sort of feedback from our guests for the betterment of our services & our prime focus is to provide best services to our guest. Please go through the below point in a response of your valuable feedback.

1). First of all, your all member was picked up from platform & guided towards tempo travelers too and your train was already late by 30 minutes. So, blaming us for that reason is not right but we agree it took us reaching at platform around 15 minutes as platform tickets were not available on the mentioned counter by IRCTC and then again we have to go another counter line for platform tickets.

2). As I mentioned you were supposed to reach at 7:30 PM but your train got late by 30 minutes & reached at 8:00 PM and it was a group of 47 people so to gather all with their luggage and moving from platform to parking also took us around 30 minutes and your group also had some senior citizens those were unable to match up with others speed. As far as standing of vehicle at one place is concerned, it was not decided by us to put them on two different location which was hardly 200 meters away from each other location & totally based on parking space which was not available at that point of time and putting 47 persons luggage on tempo carrier in not 5 minutes activity it takes time to settle all the luggage to avoid any kind of breakage & falling of any luggage. We humbly ask Mr. Drona Sir (Their own coordinator), you were there at that point in time. Did we take any extra time once all tempos were done with their luggage & Chips, Frooti & water bottle distributed? Even though some of your own group members went for the tea break.

3). we do not encourage rash driving by any means and as a matter of fact, none of our vehicles got break down at any point you were there too. So it took the genuine time it supposed to be with the needed break on the way.

4). As per your 03rd point you mentioned you reached at 1:30 PM in Kullu and after that at least 30-minute bargaining happened between you and river rafter than you got ready for 9 KM (Medium Rafting) as per rafter. We agree we went after you for rafting. We just want you to do it first. And the difference was only 15 minutes. (You must have mentioned that amount 42,500/- INR was given by you to paragliders without concerning us for evening paragliding which was not possible due to bad weather there then you put us in front of that person for the refund, which we successfully did for you.)

5). As the four line work going on in Kullu-Manali jam is supposed to be there irrespective of what time you reach there and as per our departure time from Delhi 10 PM. We had to face that jam. We deliberately don’t want to stuck in jam or anyone as a matter of fact. As per our discussion after dinner for next day trip of local sightseeing you came up with Rohtang Pass sightseeing which was nowhere mentioned in any of our mail still after discussion and mail shown to you it was clear & you asked for our assistance for Rohtang pass which we successfully did for you just one day before the actual sightseeing. Now your concern was warm cloth for Rohtang Pass and as decided in the night will leave for local sightseeing & Kullu market (Which is famous for warm clothes) in morning 9 AM, which went to 12 O’clock afternoon (3 HRS delay) just because you started to ride snow scooter theirs by own.

Also, while we were going to Kullu market you were well aware where we are heading to you must have asked us not to go there as you just want to shop from mall road but later when you found that Kullu shawl market is little expensive in comparison to mall road. You started to pick that issue up. Still, in the evening Hadimba temple, Mall Road & few people went for Van Vihar and club monastery too. In the same night you had DJ party which started at 11 PM which generally ends on this time in Manali but for your group, we took special permission of hotelier & there too you were asking if ther

My experience -worst one with tour my holidays

Sreenath - India

Trip For: Kasol, Manali

Rated 1/5 on Jun 2018

Very bad and lacks professionalism in coordinating
Very sad to past this still I can’t resist myself
1) driver who was assigned can’t travel according to our wish , he can’t go to the place where the itenary was assigned . He keep on use abusive languages In Hindi by mother and sister name these kind of words as we find so much irritating . While reaching manali car went to smoke as it’s a old dubba swift .
Next day he made us hire private vehicles to roam manali by saying this a reason
When we told him to come to Solang valley next day he said it will be traffic block . Then why we hired him ?
Tour my holidays just spoiled the entire journey with a driver like this
About tour my holidays a worst experience about arranging rooms . In manali a local hotel saying three star
In kasol we requested tend and made us stay in a room atlast we stayed in tend our own .
These people should learn first and do trips
Overall bad experience being with this group

IM A BIG TRAVELLING FREAK I BEEN T 9 countries across , due to limited time and fed up to do individual booking opted them .
Thank you

my trip at shimla and manali

Ashish Deshmukh - Shanghai India

Trip For: Manali, Shimla

Rated 1/5 on May 2018

Hotel i was booked were 3 star but they give us cottage and service provided was very bad at there. No daily need were there. Driver was not experienced. He was asking me like where to go now.

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