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Delhi, India

Traveling gives an opportunity to meet new people and learn different ragas of Culture. Thus Satvahana travel is the right platform to connect with different people and experience the diversity of Culture.

Satvahana travel gives you a platform to experience Outdoor Activities like Mountaineering, trekking, artificial wall climbing, Skiing, Ice Skating, meet new people in wilderness and taste the new Culture.

We have summarized our itinerary point wise which gives an exact idea to the guest which all places they are going to cover with in the spam of time .We cover PAN INDIA, Far East Cou ... read more

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Substandard service of Satvahana Travels
- Bengaluru (Bangalore), India
Trip To: Kutch (Kachchh)
Rated 1/5 on
I regret having come to Trip Crafters and Satvahana Travels for my recent travel to Gujarat.
1. They are inflexible.
2. They provide sub standard and cheap lodges in both the places I stayed.
3. Had issues with cab driver and I had to put my foot down and change the driver
4. Toeards the end when I wanted a change for last day and was even ready to pay extra, they just stopped responding.
You should take Satvahana Travels out of your list, if Trip Crafters name should not be damaged.
What is the point in asking for a feedback now, when I didn't get what I wanted during the traveland got poor service. I wouldn't come to you again for my travel needs.
Journey to Gujarat with Satvahana Travels and Trip Crafters.
- Bengaluru (Bangalore), India
Trip To: Ahmedabad (Amdavad)
Rated 5/5 on
Recently been travelled to Ahmedabad, and it was quite an awesome Journey, the itinerary, the hotels, and the cab arranged by Satvahana travels was really good and at it's best.
Thanks to Bharathji and his team, for making our trip a pleasant and a memorable one.
It was an awesome trip.
I do recommend my friends to travel it up with Satvahana travels.
- Mumbai, India
Trip To: Diu, Dwarka, Somnath
Rated 3/5 on
Good arrangement by service provider, hotels however coordination withTransportation facilities not much satisfactory. Rest is ok
Gujarat Trip
- Bengaluru (Bangalore), India
Trip To: Gujarat
Rated 4/5 on
I had a recent trip to Gujarat we had a great time and everything was arranged very nicely. Great and wonderful experience.

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