Cheapest Countries To Live In The World

Looking for the Cheapest Countries to Live in? Here's a List of the Most Affordable Countries in the World.

Most of the world lives in a set mould. Study, work, slog, retire. And then there are some of us, who work and dream of a better world. Who want to migrate to another land. Who try and search for a place where living is not expensive and the lifestyle is better than good. Well, if you are one among the few that dream of migrating to a place like that, we have compiled a list of the cheapest countries to live in the world. This list is based on the cost of living, jobs and other amenities, pointing you to places where you can live a lot lavishly on even an average salary. So what are you waiting for? Get reading!


Vietnam:  Cheapest Countries To Live In The World
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A country in Southeast Asia, Vietnam was infamous for the nasty proxy wars fought on its soil back in the last century. But today it has recovered well from the destruction, and moved onto a progressive path. Heavily aided by the USA, Vietnam is still really cheap to live in. Its exotic beauty and heritage cities aside, Vietnam earns you good money, especially in the teaching sector for English. The main cities like Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh are a little more expensive than the smaller ones like Hoi An. Meals are cheap, transportation very cheap, and renting a decent sized apparent along with everything else still leaves you with plenty to splurge.

Costa Rica

Costa Rica:  Cheapest Countries To Live In The World
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A Latin American country known for its marvellous rainforests and beaches and volcanoes, Costa Rica is also a great cheap place to spend your life in. Imagine it as a cheap lifelong vacation, if you will. San Jose, the capital is not as expensive as other capital cities of its neighbours. For Americans especially, Costa Rica lifestyle comes dirt cheap. Jobs in tourism and education are highly paid for emigrants and things come quite cheap here. Food and transportation are at throw away rates, while the cost of renting a place may make a small dent on your bank balance.


Bulgaria:  Cheapest Countries To Live In The World
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Bulgaria is a Balkan country located in Southeast Europe. One of the cheapest countries to live and work on this continent, Bulgaria is a great place for you to make a life and enjoy the lavishes and sceneries of Europe without shelling out that kind of money. It is a very coveted travel destination, which means tourism is ripe. Jobs for foreigners in this sector along with hospitality and education are lucrative. You also have neighbours like Romania, Turkey and Greece so weekend getaways are also sorted!

South Korea

South Korea:  Cheapest Countries To Live In The World
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Another country that was torn by war in the tail-end of 19th Century, South Korea is today a very swiftly developing nation aided heavily by the USA. The city life here is just as fast and dynamic as Hong Kong or Singapore, with skyscrapers and malls and everything you’d need for a glamorous existence. English teaching jobs are obviously lucrative here, along with food and hospitality. Eating is quite cheap here, living so-so. But overall, South Korea is a good place to make a life.


Mexico:  Cheapest Countries To Live In The World
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For Americans, it is no surprise that Mexico is among the cheapest countries to live in. For the rest of the world, Mexico is not THE cheapest but comes close. Scenic and pretty, with its evergreen rainforests and Mayan ruins, beach towns and the sparkling Caribbean, Mexico is perfect if you are into living in a loud and happy community. And the food. The gorgeous, delicious, melt in the mouth Mexican food! Tacos and nachos and ceviche and cajun… irresistible.

South Africa

South Africa:  Cheapest Countries To Live In The World
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South Africa is a glamorous country for the most part. Tourism wise it is brilliant. Horse races and wine tours, amazing cities and sweeping countrysides, savannahs and wildlife safaris. To live in, South Africa is pretty cheap too. It is the cheapest English speaking country in the world and offers immigrants good jobs in language teaching, tourism, MNCs and media. Here you will find the living and food expenses are pretty affordable, while going out may be a little expensive if you go to the touristy kind of places. All in all, South Africa is a nice cheap country to make a living in, specially for those of Indian origin, as there are many Indian ex-pat communities residing in all parts here.


China:  Cheapest Countries To Live In The World
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China is the most populated country in the world, and the largest growing economy and market too. This means its expenses are rising and most would expect the country to be highly unaffordable. But contrary to poplar belief, China is a cheap place to live in. The salaries here are much higher than its neighbouring Southeast Asian countries, living expenses, food, transport and amenities relatively cheap, and jobs easily to come by. Indian and American people find good inclusive ex-pat communities here as these two nations have people in large numbers living in China.


Thailand:  Cheapest Countries To Live In The World
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Thailand is a nation mostly dependent on tourism. Of course, Bangkok is also one of the largest manufacturers and exporters of apparel. But what this means is, that this country of beaches and islands and sticky mango rice is also a cheap place to live in. You can enjoy the beaches and work at the same time at one of the shacks in a smaller town, or choose a city like Bangkok or Chiang Mai and get more dynamic jobs. Tourism and Apparels followed by teaching and hospitality make for lucrative jobs for immigrants. As for living, the rent is low, food cheap and travel even cheaper.


Peru:  Cheapest Countries To Live In The World
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This South American country known for its adventures and the legendary Inca Valley civilisation ruins is also one of the cheapest to live in. Yes, adventure enthusiasts, you heard it right. If you re looking to pack up and move away, Peru is the right place. Jobs in teaching English, tourism, adventure and marketing are pretty easy to get for foreigners. You can enjoy getaways to the Sacred Valley or Machu Picchu on the weekends and work to earn some good money on weekdays. The cost of living is pretty low too, almost as low as some third world Asian countries.


Poland:  Cheapest Countries To Live In The World
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One might think that a Central European country cannot come cheap. Not in tourism, that’s for sure. But when it comes to living and working, Poland is a great fit. The salaries earned here are quite high compared to the cost of living. This makes Poland highly affordable. Another lucrative deal is that you can easily travel to neighbouring countries like Germany, Czech Republic, Austria or Hungary to spend weekends. Professional jobs, teaching, tourism and marketing are pretty lucrative here for foreigners.


Cambodia:  Cheapest Countries To Live In The World
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Cambodia is as cheap as they come. This Southeast Asian country is known for its ancient Hindu temples, Buddhist monasteries, beaches and jungles. The living expenses in cities like Phnom Penh and Siem Reap is pretty low when compared to other big cities in its neighbouring countries. Food comes pretty cheap, as does public and private transport. You can rent an apartment for around $200 a month. Which means all things considered, you get the beauty of southeast Asia at a bargain.


Bolivia:  Cheapest Countries To Live In The World
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A country in the heart of South American subcontinent, Bolivia is known for the Andes Mountains and Lake Titicaca. Its capital city Sucre is a mix of many ethnicities including Asians, American Indians, Europeans and Africans. Spanish being the main language, there are many opportunities to teach English here and the jobs are paid very well. The country itself is cheap to live in. La Paz is one of the cheapest urban city in Bolivia, and here you can easily rent a flat in less than $145 a month. Coffees come as cheap as a dollar and food stretches to maximum 2. Who wouldn’t want to earn more and spend so less?


Indonesia:  Cheapest Countries To Live In The World
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This can probably be the cheapest country to live in. And one of the most beautiful. Sandwiched between the Pacific Ocean and Indian Ocean, Indonesia is home to some of the most stunning beaches you’d have ever seen, Bali being a beach babies’ delight. The capital city of Jakarta is cheaper than Bali because of obvious tourism difference. Which means here, you can get essentials like beer, coconut water, teas and coffees for as cheap as a dollar and less. A meal outside is also less than $2 and renting a little apartment will put you back by around $150 a month.

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