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5 Top Hill Stations In India

Planning a trip to India? Our selection of the top 5 hill stations in India you shouldn't miss

Living in a hot and densely populated country with cities of concrete and towns abuzz with development, one craves for a vacation in cooler climes with serene environments. In fact, even the most veteran foreign traveller grows weary of the grit and heat of a tropical country after a while and that's where our blissful hill-stations step in! Here is our selection of the top 5 hill stations in India you shouldn't miss.

#5: Auli (Uttarakhand)

5 Top Hill Stations In India: #5: Auli (Uttarakhand)
Photograph by user Michael Scalet

With a maximum elevation of 3049 meters above sea level, Auli is a new-comer to the list of popular hill stations in India. It receives heavy snowfall from December to February whereas April to September experience more comfortable temperatures. Auli offers one of the best ski resorts in India and is a great place to go trekking or to just soak in the majestic views. And by that we literally mean an unobstructed 270 degree view of the great Himalayan ranges around it!

#4: Coorg (Karnataka)

#4: Coorg (Karnataka)
Photograph by user Philip Larson

Natively known as Kodagu, Coorg is the name it was given when India was colonized by the British. At an elevation of about 1750 meters above sea level, Coorg is all about lush rolling hills, green carpeted valleys, and numerous plantations of coffee, vanilla, pepper and ginger. The local food is really delicious but a little spicy. Wildlife and waterfalls in Coorg rank high on the popularity index with tourists.

#3: Darjeeling (West Bengal)

#3: Darjeeling (West Bengal)
Photograph by user Anuj Pradhan

Darjeeling, located in the Lesser Himalayan ranges, has an average elevation of 2050 meters above sea level. People visit Darjeeling to sample its world famous teas and to spot the looming Mount Kanchenjunga, the world's third highest peak. Large tracts of Darjeeling are covered by Alpine, Sal and Oak forests and are home to many varieties of wildlife. We highly recommend you visit in summer and chug your way up the hills aboard the Darjeeling Himalayan Railway mini steam engine.

#2: Munnar (Kerala)

#2: Munnar (Kerala)
Photograph by user BimalKC

Munnar stands at an altitude of 2695 meters above sea level. It is one of the most picturesque places to visit in India. While at Munnar, you will be surrounded by endless undulating hills covered with bright green tea bushes, dotted with women picking tea leaves. Munnar is very popular for its elephants, lakes and waterfalls. It gets pretty cold in winter so make sure you carry enough warm clothes when you go there.

#1: Gulmarg (Kashmir)

#1: Gulmarg (Kashmir)
Photograph by user NotMicroButSoft

Far up North in Kashmir, at an altitude of 3,950 meters above sea level, is a beautiful little town called Gulmarg. Literally meaning the 'Path of Roses', Gulmarg is very popular with tourists because of its scenic beauty and winter sports. With lots of gentle, snow clad slopes to go around, skiing and snowboarding are the favourite activities here. Gulmarg gets bitterly cold in winter. However, summer temperatures are very comfortable and the area gets covered by many species of wild flowers, adding to its splendour.

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